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Being a part of the sports industry can be a fulfilling and exhilarating experience. It does not matter if you are an athlete, a referee, a coach, a cheerleader, a commentator, or even a presenter. Being present at venues where matches are taking place, being a part of an atmosphere where sports fans channel every bit of their passion and love for a sport or a particular team is sure to elicit the same kind of excitement from people around them. Perhaps it is this kind of energy, loyalty, and love from fans, or even the feeling of togetherness and family that comes with supporting the same people, which keeps people in the sports industry for long periods of time. It is probably what makes them want to stay amongst like-minded people, all the while learning more about sports, sportsmanship, and the thrill of being the best at something that you have been doing for a long time.

For any avid sports fan, just being able to be at a major sports event or amongst some of the biggest athletes in the world would be enough. Such is the case with James Themistoklis Tzanoudakis, who has let his love for sports fire up his dedication and will to remain in the industry even after 10 long years. Before getting into what has transpired in his long 10-year career, it is important to know how he even found interest in his current field, and how it unwound into what it is today. 

James is currently a sports presenter, commentator, and reporter for the BBC. Before reaching insurmountable heights, James started his career from a smaller juncture. Although he started at BBC only, he initially received thorough and extensive training that all presenters received, as well as scriptwriting skills to help him become a polished presenter if he was to stay in the field. After learning the basics, he entered the industry at a more commercial level at Premier League Productions, where he went on to interview huge names in sports, such as Wayne Rooney, Deli Ali, Rafael Nadal, Jenson Button, and Lewis Hamilton to name a few. 

Considering how well he has done for himself in the industry, James is a presenter who is known for his enthusiasm and drive when it comes to his career. He is diverse, hardworking, and determined to reach new heights and that has been highlighted through his career. 

His presenting style has been eye-catching, allowing him to bag deals after being recruited for the Air Race I World Cup in Thailand and being the voice of tennis at the 2016 Rio Olympics! Not only has his brilliant work ethic and energy brought him recognition with the hundreds of thousands of views his commentary videos get, but even at the Olympics which is the biggest sports meet in the world! Some of his other notable deals are with BBC Sport, BBC News, Sky, Adidas, and even the Paralympics. 

James has ample experience which makes his portfolio stand out from most. He has worked at over 11 local and national TV/Radio stations all over the United Kingdom with his report broadcasted to millions of people! He commentates on a variety of sports, such as football, tennis, athletics, motor racing, and even teqball. He is an in-stadium announcer as well as a TV presenter. 

James runs a surprisingly active Instagram account (@jtztv) where he posts frequently about his work and sometimes even when he is not on the job. His bright personality allows him to be even more natural in front of the camera which allows him to prove that his rise in his field has not been by luck. Seeing people like James, who give their all to liven up atmospheres with their presenting skills, and add to the reason people love attending sports meets only strengthens our belief that he is indeed the best at what he does.  

If you are a sports fan, be sure to follow James on Instagram (@jtztv) where he posts about everything from commentating, event hosting, and even some of the fun content creation he does! 

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