Jamaine Carey (@jamainecarey)

1977 -BSuccess in entrepreneurship isn’t just about the idea or the money. Many people have interesting ideas or a lot of money to throw around, yet they never manage to find success in their ventures. For an entrepreneur to be successful, they need to be passionate about what they do. Successful entrepreneurs feel strongly about their venture. Their passion allows them to find motivation and helps them drive their mission forward. Passion is fuel for a successful entrepreneur. The journey to success isn’t an easy one, as people have to face a lot of hardships and challenges along the way. However, once they overcome these challenges, they are able to enjoy the fruit of their hard work. Jamaine Carey is one such successful entrepreneur who has made quite a name for himself. He has a lot of achievements to his name for which he is constantly praised.

Jamaine was working as a chef before he became successful. He wasn’t passionate about cooking and hated his job as he was working 65 hours a week with 6 working days. He wanted a better life for himself and his mother so he decided to quit his job as a chef and decided to look into various business opportunities. He looked into starting his own clothing brand, which unfortunately couldn’t happen. However, it led him to watch videos about selling products on Amazon. He was inspired by the videos as he decided to invest in becoming a business seller on Amazon. He had saved up £770 with his hard-worked wages for his education. However, he couldn’t keep up with his university so he decided to use this amount as an investment. In less than 19 months, Jamaine turned these £770 into 4.8 million. He was able to do so because of his basic money management skills and knowledge. He knew how to turn a little amount into a great profit. He made online sales for the most normal products such as mosquito bracelets, cotton swabs, and so on. These normal products would always be in demand and Jamaine used this in his favor as he kept on making profits. As an entrepreneur, he knew what he was offering and how it fits into the market. Using his expertise and knowledge, Jamaine was able to succeed with his venture.

After earning money in a short span of time, Jamaine’s talent was recognized as he was featured in the famous UK TV show called The rich kids of Instagram. He also started working with a very good friend of his called Harris, where he teamed up with him and started a page called richkidslondon. Not only this, but he also ventured into becoming a DJ. He had always been into mixing music as a hobby but then he decided to take it on as a career. Jamaine became a renowned DJ in Spain and Portugal where he would play in the biggest clubs such as O Beach and Blanco Beach. He is also a lifestyle and travel veteran. Once, he spent over 10k to spend one night in the luxurious hotel called “Shangri-La”. He has also taken private jets to various countries such as Spain and Rome.

Over the years, Jamaine has achieved a lot of great things in his life. He is an inspiration to many young and budding entrepreneurs out there. With his success, he wants to show these people how it’s okay to dream big. With dedication and passion, he was able to achieve it all.

Jamaine is also pretty active on social media, especially on Instagram. When he is not busy earning millions, he can be seen as having a luxurious lifestyle. He features his travel posts for his followers to see. He also posts about his personal life. The people can find out more about him by following him on Instagram at @jamainecarey.

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