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The ocean hides prodigious lumps of magnificence and charisma in its open blue arms. This vigorous magnetism radiating from its aura can only be truly felt by surrendering oneself to the undulating tides of its glory. This is where a surfer enters the picture who with an appetite for adventure stored in his pocket and a surfboard clutched in his hand marches towards the ferocious gushes of Adam’s ale, wiggling and wobbling his body with the whirls of the water taking himself to the seventh heaven while being lost in the witchcraft of the aqueous fractions of earth.   

Jake Halstead, a current resident of San Diego, California, followed the beats of his heart and shaped his career into a professional surfer, feeling home at the ocean. Jake was born in La Jolla, a smart seaside area of California, widely known for its rugged coastline. The land of La Jolla is remarkably festooned with sandstone canyons and tinny hills accompanied with trails of wind passing through them rising from the surrounding Ocean bluffs and beaches with its rocky shores and tidepools.

Growing up in this interactive territory of land and water, Jake always aimed to become a surfer honouring the aesthetic vibes of his hometown. A young Jake pushed into the waves of Hawaii by his father, having his first surfing experience developed an affinity for this sport, so much so that at the tender age of 9 he used to remain in his wetsuits for about 10 hours a day riding the ebb and flow of the ocean. Trained by his father, at the age of 15, he occupied 2nd rank in the ISA World surfing games in New Zealand which kick-started his professional career in surfing. Today he is not only a successful surfer who in the last 10 years, has won numerous contests and tournaments but also a prolific coach enlightening his students with the wave knowledge of the ocean and teaching them to improve their surfing with every turn and tide they catch. 

The joy of surfing exquisitely combines the excitement derived from the physical exertion with the challenge accepted from the mental aspect of the sport. Jake not only extended the knowledge of this pursuit at all beginners, intermediate and advanced levels but has also assisted his trainees in securing positions in countless national and international competitions such as Scholastic Surf Series, Revolt Summer Surf Series, and Surf contest 2016 hosted by San Diego Surfrider Foundation.

Since his salad days, the two things Jake desired more than ever were to win an event big enough to get carried up the beach and to come into the beach to sign autographs. Accomplishing both his goals, Jake even reaped the golden opportunities to surf around the world inspiring new people, exploring beautiful places, and trying first-hand the latest models of surfboards, fins, wetsuits, and surf goggles. Jake’s prospering career surely didn’t take off its flight unnoticed and his astonishing route filled with his fervour was interviewed by many renowned magazines such as Stab Magzine, Surfer Magzine, Surfline, and many others.

Surfing, alone among sports, generates laughter at its very suggestion, and this is because it turns not a skill into an art, but an inexplicable and futile urge into a vital way of life. Jake’s surfing journey had witnessed sky-scraping peak together with nasty hinges. By the end of 2016, he suffered a terrible leg injury and had to abandon his passion for months. However, with the unconditional support of his family and friends and his unwavering determination and dedication he soon was able to call his surfboard to duty again. Jake’s commitment to his professional life even took him through an incredible transformation; losing 65lbs of weight in a 4 months challenge, in his F45 La Jolla based training program.

Following the wise words of his father to enjoy every minute of his life, he took his surfing career to high altitudes and taught his students to catch the right wave of their lives lying out there in the oceans. To browse more about Jake Halstead’s surfing career you can follow him on Facebook @jake.halstead.940 or Instagram @jake_thehallmonitor where his fan following has stunningly reached the level of 19K Instagram IDs. You can watch him performing his sensational manoeuvres in his latest video ‘Not Another Vlog’ on which have already crossed 6K views. Moreover, you can even contact him on Instagram for Surfcoaching classes @halstead_surf_academy. 

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