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Music expresses that cannot be said or on which it is impossible to be silent. Hence, curbed by the fragility of its nature, music is blossomed to travel through your soul and soothe the unspeakable pain it had long been captive of. This queer potential of music can truly be grasped and honoured by an artist who with the aid of his strings, sticks, and keys and with the virtue of few earnest words dive into your veins melting the valves of your heart and letting the bitterness of life all out, just leaving a silveriness of euphony and harmonics behind. To fully comprehend this entrancing artistry of music, Jahmir Ahmmed Williams committed himself in carving his career in the music industry and spread the solace of sounds throughout the world.

Jahmir Ahmmed Williams, a native of Canton, Ohio, a state of the midwestern US, completed his education from Canton McKinley High School and sprouted out in the professional arena as a spirited musician and singer. Since a young age, Jahmir has been inclined towards music and its infallible remedies. Joggling on the jingles of his dreams Jahmir soon embarked himself in the notable celebutantes of the music industry and fashioned himself with the stage name of ‘KHOGA’ to have his own distinct identity in the musical sphere.

In the very melodious journey Khoga chose to travel with all his devotion, he met multiple other proficient musical artists and producers and garnered the influence of various breeds of jaw-dropping melodies. Today as a successful and prospering singer, rapper and musician Khoga have enlightened his audience with numerous genres of music consisting of rock, jazz, pop music, hip hop, heavy metal, folk songs, classic music, country music, rhythm and blues, soul music, disco, funk, electronic music and several others.

Letting himself flow with every little opportunity on the streams of musical strains Khoga picked countless pearls of triumphs. His virtuosity and uniqueness have stolen the hearts of many. Currently, his Youtube channel comprises 108 subscribers, and the record on his Spotify has stretched out to 33,333 monthly listeners which Khoga has remarkably maintained in the last six months. Khoja’s Instagram page following exceeds 2k  where he frequently uploads videos of his songs and outdoor excursions and in the present time is going through a verification process to assure his followers with the authenticity of his identity so that they are not deceived by impersonators.

Khoga’s song; ‘Rollin Dope’, released in February 2020, reached 156,000 streams on SoundCloud and 143,000 streams on Apple Music. Another song by Khoga, also released in this year’s February, namely the ‘WICKED’, in collaboration with Playboi Carti, an American Rapper, extended to 134,000 streams on Apple Music and 755,000 plus streams on Spotify together with giving a striking kick to Spotify monthly listeners to 250,000 people. Khoga’s latest single viz. Jehovah’s Plan has also been highly admired and cherished by his stand by fan following.

Apart from being a Music Artist, Khoga is also a humanitarian who can manifest blessings and amid the growing oppressors, he firmly believes in playing the role of a benefactor spreading the message of peace, love, and benevolence. His kindliness and compassion for the human race are also reflected in his pretty pieces of art, he composes for his audience in a desire to boost their confidence and self-believe so that they can learn to adore the magnificent essence of life and rise above their mental limitations to grab their dreams.

Every man’s work, whether it be literature or music, pictures or architecture or anything else, is always a portrait of himself and Khoga’s songs either harmonious melodies, breathless rap or labyrinth of fusion, all of them reflect his joviality and solicitude that he had successfully spread through various mediums.

To stay updated with Khoga’s latest songs you can follow him on Instagram @khogasoul or Facebook @jahmirahmmad.williams or you can even subscribe to his Youtube Channe; KHOGA – Topic. Other than that you can also explore his albums on several other music platforms such as Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, Amazon Music, TIDAL, Napster, Yandex, SoundCloud, etc.

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