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Disc Jockeys, more commonly known as DJs are musical mixers whose job is to play audio recordings for radio shows, advertisements, or what they are more famously known for, night clubs. Although in this age, technical know-how is available to any person with an internet connection. Becoming one sounds easy enough, but to become a great DJ, one needs to know more than when to click buttons and play a song.

 To upstart career in DJing, one has to get out into places respective to their job and proactively build connections and relationships with venues, always be one the lookout for new tech and sounds, have a strong base online and know-how of digital marketing, and probably, most importantly a great DJ should know how to diversify and adapt to their music and have an ear for a good set.  A rising star in the field, Jaden Francois Piper is on the way to becoming one.

An American based 16-year-old DJ, Jaden Piper has been passionate about music since he was a little child. Growing up with his grandfather, who used to be a well known super producer in South America back in the late ‘60s to early ’70s, Jaden has since been instilled with an infatuation for music as well as the art itself, acting as a jumping point in his journey to self-discovery and getting him started. Jaden’s mother- who was a music fanatic, much like her father- also lived in Mykonos, Greece for about  ten years, where she was quick to find her people, building connections with DJs and introducing Jaden to her friends, where the young boy was taken by their profession and fell in “love with their way of life”.

For someone who has just recently gotten in the game – starting only a year prior, Piper has managed to do himself quite a favor and made a name for himself.  Jaden has played multiple gigs in Myconos and Cape Town, already securing himself a returning fan base who only want more of his stuff. Having already released three singles, with the hit single Blame you blowing up to 60 thousand views on SoundCloud alone, Jaden seems to be in no hurry of letting his rise to fame slow down. With over 100 thousand streams and 30 thousand streams of Spotify and SoundCloud respectively, Jaden has managed to gather a modest fan base. Recently, the young artist hit six thousand followers over on his Instagram. And Piper is ready to cater to his fans on-demand, set to release a new album on the 4th of September of this year, Jaden’s fans have a lot to look forward to.

Not only that, trying to further his reach and utilizing every facility at his disposal to boost his name out into the mainstream, Jaden has recently stared a youtube channel, not only as a networking medium but also as a way to get a little more familiar with his audience. Although Jaden is well known within his indie community, he still has the constant threat of imposters trying to divert his fame within the larger platform. Being verified on Spotify has much helped with this issue as his authenticity veers away from the possibility of fans being confused about his music and presence. And so Jaden is determined to get his Instagram verified too, as he says that not only will it help his fans identity him from the posers, but will also help “boost his career a tremendous amount”.

Being a passionate DJ has helped Jaden not only find his path in life and put his musical skills into good use but also improved his life for the better. As he recalls DJ-ing for a bar in Myconos and seeing the crowds filled with contentment and joy of being able to live in the moment has been one of the biggest motivations in his life so far. And Jaden firmly believes that he would not have been able to get as far as he did in his pursuit without the endless support of his fans.

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