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Paulo Coelho, a Brazilian lyricist, and novelist said, “Open your heart and listen to what it is telling you. Follow your dreams, because only a man who is unashamed of himself can manifest the glory of God.” Transforming your dream into your reality might seem too good to be true, but there are people out there who make it happen. These are the people who solely through their hard work, diligence, and, most importantly, self-belief turn this mirage into their actuality. They are ones who aren’t afraid to gamble everything to pursue their dreams. These people are the ones who we hear about and who we aspire to become. Out of all these individuals, Jacob Beam is the one worth discussing.

Ever since Jacob was a little kid, he has been fearless when it comes to chasing his dreams One of his dreams was to be a photographer.  He has always been fascinated by photography and would spend hours trying to capture a perfect shot. He was in 4th grade when he took part in a local photography competition. Due to his breathtaking and mesmerizing photos, he got the second position in that contest. Not winning the first position agitated the fire of photography in his heart. He believed he had an eye for it and just needed to practice more to reach the pinnacle. It is every artist’s paradise to get recognition and appreciation for their every grind and hard work. Seeing how photography drove Jacob into being more diligent and efficient, his mother developed an interest in clicking photographs as well. Not only his parents, but his teachers too acknowledged the talent that God had blessed Jacob with. Jacob’s art teacher started a photography club specifically after seeing his work because she didn’t want him to quit taking photographs. Being part of this club undoubtedly boosted his confidence and polished his skill further as they would walk around, shoot, and develop their pictures after school.

But as they say, every rose has its thorn. When Jacob started high school, he drifted apart from photography. He started doubting his capabilities and his future if he continued to fancy photography as his career. One of the main reasons behind this was that his photography teacher didn’t encourage and teach him as an instructor should. This was the time of his life when no one around him was there to support and encourage him to follow his dreams. Every night he would find himself pondering upon new reasons why he shouldn’t go in this field. Fortunately, Instagram blew up at that time. As soon as he made an account and posted his photography, all of the voices in his head vanished, and he once again picked up right where he left off.

Other than photography, he also decided to visit the realm of designing and animation. Call it luck or talent, but Jacob picked up designing really fast, and he was pretty good at it. As he genuinely enjoyed being a graphic designer, he, along with his two best friends, started a consulting business. They made websites for local fitness centers and doctors. Along with working on this vocation, he started making slow-motion animation on a renowned app called Vine. His animations got the attention of people worldwide, which resulted in him getting 200,000 followers in a blink of an eye. This success led him to work with a startup company in Lexington where he looked after all the tech and advertising business’ ins and outs. This job expanded his horizon, and Jacob found another thing he was genuinely interested in Advertising. Due to his newly developed fascination, he studied Media Advertising at Indiana University.

While attempting different skills, Jacob decided to touch waters at the world of fashion by starting a clothing brand in which he had full range tees and hoodies with unique graphic designs. Due to how original the entire concept was, it started gaining attraction. One of his closest friends decided to collaborate with him. Things were going well for him; unfortunately, life had other plans when this friend died in a car crash. This news shattered Jacob’s heart, and he couldn’t find it in himself to continue this brand after that.

While the clothing brand couldn’t see the light of day again, Jacob decided to visit the music realm by making beats. Music helped him process this tough time, but while doing so, he truly started enjoying it. He would find himself leaving his dorm room and sitting in his car with the laptop plugged into the aux and just letting his creative juices take over.

Jacob Beam is a true inspiration to all who don’t like caging themselves in a one-labeled box. Instead, he craves to try everything, even if it doesn’t work out at the end. One trait that sets him apart from the rest is that despite trying different diverse tracks, Jacob has mastered them all. He turns everything he touches into gold. Hence, he is now one of those individuals whose tale is worth sharing as it gives a lesson of being true to yourself and staying lionhearted while pursuing your dream. No matter what life throws at you, if you believe in yourself and your capabilities, you can conquer it all, just like Jacob continues to conquer his.

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