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Whether we admit or not, we are still chained to the perceptions stereotyped by our skin color. These chains of judgment are so tight around our body that they not only impede our blood flow, but they also restrain how we should think, act, dress, behave, and live. They limit everything from what school we study at to what career path we choose to pursue. Fortunately, nothing stays the same because no matter how much one tries to run from it, change is inevitable. As we are getting more woke with time about ourselves and others, we are moving from captivity to liberation. This change might be slow and gradual, but it’s unquestionably effective, and it all started with people of color standing up for themselves. They fearlessly fought the battle of inequality by proving the world wrong after achieving their respective dreams. Stories of these lionhearted people who followed their unconventional dreams, let it be a musician or a barista, are worth telling because they inspire others to the norms’ chains they are caged with.  Jerry Winslow Clark-Juneau is one of those inspiring individuals who didn’t let the world limit him by following his dream to become a lyrical rapper.

Jerry Clark was born in Cap-Haïtien, Haiti, but spent his childhood in the southeastern State, Virginia. Despite having witnessed numerous obstacles in life, he was a highly motivated and ambitious person since the beginning, and his academics are breathing proof of it. Jerry completed his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the notable Liberty University and Master of Arts in Politics from the well-known Regent University. His educational background is not only an indication of his intelligence but also of his perseverance. In a world where people drop out of colleges in the orientation week, he kept persisting and came out as “Jerry M.A.”/ Magister. However, rather than jumpstarting his career after graduation, Jerry decided to join the United States Army and served the State for four years.

Upon his arrival from the Military, he discovered the music industry, which played to his strengths. If you are a person of color who doesn’t dare stand up for themselves in this field, you will undoubtedly get trampled over. Thus, you have to be vocal and persistent about your thoughts or opinions.

For initial years, he stayed behind the mixing board as a studio engineer but soon fell in love with lyrical rapping and decided to be a hip-hop artist instead. Because of developing a unique music style, he founded his own record label, Vintage Sound Entertainment. After creating his music for years, he started releasing his music in 2014 under his stage name, J.R.Clark, and built a following in the underground hip-hop scene. Due to his endless grind and sleepless nights, Jerry was able to release his first album, ‘That weekend,’ in 2015, and another in 2016 called ‘Night Driving.’ Perhaps it was his addictive hooks or the message behind his lyrics, or the exhaustive thesaurus of flows, or may be a bit of all, but his music garnered huge attraction like honey attract bees.

After releasing the two albums, the word of his talent spread like wildfire, and many significant artists showed their desire to collab with him. J.R.Clark’s dream became his reality when he performed at the popular Z104 Shaggfest radio show alongside headliners 50 Cent and Pusha T. Moreover, in 2018 he surprised his fans with a track called Sunset Symphony, which also featured notable artists like Stalley, Smoke DZA, and Grammy Award-winning production duo Cookin’ Soul. In 2019 he again shook the world with his new release “Antique Summer,” which was a collaboration with Fendi P from Jet Life. Ever since then, he kept wowing the world with even better songs.

J.R.Clark is changing the hip-hop industry by proving that a person of color, who is also an independent artist, can collaborate with renowned artists, cultivate an impressive body of work, and build a fandom without the help of a big label. Many people doubted him, but his success proved them all wrong. He also spreads the message of perseverance through his Instagram @j.r.clark829, where he provides a window into his journey to become the best hip hop artist ever to exist. Jerry Clark is truly an embodiment of relentless hard work, patience, and dedication, all of which amalgamated makes his story worth telling and appreciating.

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