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Art is the unfiltered expression of one’s sentiment and views. It is an outlet for people to make their voices heard in their own unique way. Whether it may be acting, dancing, or singing, art has helped humanity navigate through dark and cold times. Artists have been using their platforms to ignite movements for change since the dawn of time. They have an unparalleled ability to connect with large audiences and unite people from all over the globe under one umbrella.

Acting is perhaps one of the most effective forms of storytelling. It can be used to deliver a powerful message and bring awareness to the stories of the unheard. Whether it is on stage or on screen a well-acted story can touch millions. The entertainment industry is notorious for its ruthless nature.

Actors have to go through hours of training before they can make it on screen. One needs to have tremendous focus and drive in order to make it in the ever so competitive world of entertainment.

Iman Karram is an incredibly talented individual. At a very young age, she realized her passion for art. Iman has been performing ever since she learned to walk. She is a graduate of UCLA’s College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and School of Theater, Film, and Television. Iman is an incredibly dedicated performing artist, whether it is singing, dancing or acting, Karram excels at them all. As she grew older she started to focus more on her acting. Iman wanted to use her extraordinary storytelling skills to spread positivity and hope. Her desire to inspire others and spread awareness fuels Iman’s acting career. She thinks that as an actor with a large platform it is her responsibility to empower others and share their experiences with the world.

Iman is incredibly dedicated to her art. She has had to scratch and claw for every opportunity she was given. Her consistency and ability to adapt herself according to the circumstances have allowed Karram to break through the brass ceiling and make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Iman Karram’s extraordinary talents have opened unimaginable doors for her. Iman has had amazing opportunities to work with some of the biggest names in Hollywood today. Iman is also a very well reputed climbing instructor at LA’s popular fitness studio, Rise Nation. This has given Iman the opportunity to engage with people and motivate them. One of the most defining moments of Karram’s career came when both her worlds as a fitness instructor and as an actor crossed paths when she was presented with the incredible opportunity to play the role of a trainer in Netflix’s Emmy award-winning show GLOW. This was an incredibly empowering experience for Iman and propelled her career to new and unfathomable heights. Iman believes that in order to make a name for yourself in the entertainment industry you need to be willing to put in the work which is why she is always working on improving her craft.

Iman Karram drives her strength and courage from her family. She always remembers to credit her family when talking about her success. Being an Arab American Iman has had to face many obstacles in the path of realizing her dreams, if it was not for her family’s incredible support she would not achieve what she has today. Iman greatly appreciates her parent’s sacrifices and struggle. Iman herself is an incredibly empathic person and loves helping out those in need.  Iman is an active supporter of UNICEF and hopes to one day be able to advocate for and help refugee children in the Middle east.

Iman Karram’s unbelievable journey is an inspiration for generations of aspiring artists. She is constantly raising the bar for her competition and pushing her creative limits. She always works towards bettering herself and improving her art. Her story is proof that with determination and consistency anyone can turn their dreams into reality. You can follow Iman on her Instagram @imankarram to keep up with her amazing journey.

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