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Ibrahim Khalil is a Yezidi singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born in Al Hasaka, Syria, and is 20 years old. He was born in a family of musicians and a love for music was cultivated in him very early on. He currently lives in Germany and is working on his music career. He started releasing music in 2012 and has been doing well for himself as a young singer. He is slowly gaining recognition in the music industry. 

His journey into the world of music started off when he was born as his family inculcated a love for music in him. He started singing at the age of 8. His parents were very supportive and encouraged him. They also supported his wish to study music and sent him to a music school in Al Hasaka. In 2012, he moved to Germany where he attended the Clemens-Brentano European School in Lollar. 

Alongside his studies, he kept on working on his music career. He would spend all his free time practicing his music and working on his songwriting abilities. Even though he had the pressure of studies on him, he never gave up his passion for music. In 2012, he released his first song titled “Beje beje” which did really well and became popular. His excellent songwriting skills were also very sought after and he wrote for some big singers including Jangir Broyan and Arthur Safoyan. He has a very unique musical style which is a mix of pop ballads and traditional Yezidi folk music. His unique style helps him stand out in the music industry. 

As his popularity grows, he has been interviewed by several magazines and publications. Many popular magazines such as Naska Musik, ProClip, and Lalish TV have interviewed and done reports on him. Mala Ezidiya gave him the title of “Most sought-after artist”. He regularly performs and as his popularity has grown, so has the size of the crowd at his shows. He has a sizeable following and his loyal fans adore his music. He has performed at many different venues in different countries. Even though he has received a lot of attention and has become a public figure, he remains humble and is still in touch with his roots. He believes it is important to work hard to entertain your fans and audience.

He has had a very interesting career. In 2018 he released his first music video for the song “Lalisha Nurani” which he dedicated to the Yezidi people. Seven months later he released his second music video for the song “De u Bave te” which also became very popular. And in the same year, he released another video, for his song “Heyo”. His music is cherished and enjoyed by Yezidi people. Ibrahim is a multi-talented individual and he speaks four languages; German, English, Yezidish, and Kurdish.

In today’s world, there is a lot of focus on social media. Most artists and musicians maintain a prominent online presence to build a following and to promote their music. Ibrahim has worked hard to build a strong online presence. He can be found on Instagram as @ibrahimkhalil.official and he has over 29 thousand followers. He uses his Instagram as a platform to share his new work and cool pictures of himself. He recently shared a video snippet of his new song. He often shares pictures of himself with interesting and uplifting captions. He comes across as very wholesome and approachable on Instagram. His followers really enjoy his content and show their appreciation for him in the comments section. 

Ibrahim is a very talented individual. He has created music that is unique and heartfelt. His music resonates with people and he has many fans. He is emerging as a great talent in the music industry. His originality lies in his ability to combine pop and traditional Yezidi folk music. He has already made a name for himself and he will surely leave a mark in the world of music.

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