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Holiday House Maldives is a travel agency that was started with the idea of making holidays possible for budget-conscious travellers who wanted to see the Maldives through a unique lens. The agency was founded in 2009 and over the years, they have earned a great name for themselves in the travel industry. Travellers from all around the world have chosen and trusted their travel agency to provide them with the very best accommodations and experience when making a trip to the Maldives.

Choosing where to spend your vacation is never an easy task. The world is a big place and there are so many exotic places for one to discover and choose from. The islands of Maldives are breathtaking with icing sugar-white sand, deep blue sparkling seas, and the ever-pleasant weather. The Maldives Islands are 80% sea, 20% land and 80% sunshine throughout the year. They are the picture of peace, calm and luxury, and anyone who visits the Maldives is completely enchanted by the natural beauty and opulence that the islands offer. The food is delicious and packed with flavour, wildlife is abundant all around and countless activities such as scuba diving, yoga, fishing etc. can be done on the islands. Holiday House Maldives collaborates with numerous resorts to bring their customers the very best experience when they travel to the Maldives.


Holiday House Maldives is the gateway to a dream vacation of sand and sunshine in the beautiful Maldives. They are simple and honest people who are dedicated to giving affordable luxury from the north to the south of the Maldives. They aim to become the most preferred and the highest-rated travel advisers in the Maldives. Their advisors are present to guide and help the customers through the whole process to ensure that one’s vacation to the Maldives is perfect and goes off without a hitch. They are committed to providing their customers with the very best service and facilities. 

They strive to meet all of their customers’ vacation needs. For customers who are looking for luxury, they offer elegance, opulence, and splendour. For people looking for a romantic getaway, they offer love and beauty to be shared with their significant other and for customers looking to explore the Maldives with their family, they offer the chance to create many happy memories with their close ones.​ They offer a diverse range of services so that anyone who’s looking for their dream vacation can find what they need.

Booking any major trip or vacation is exciting, but it can also be a bit overwhelming. At Holiday House Maldives, they understand this completely, which is why they have Experience Travel Experts to take care of every need of the customers, making their trip stress-free and amazing. They have more than eighty resorts on contract and work to make vacation plans as affordable and enjoyable as possible. Their team is extremely flexible and creative and is dedicated to helping customers find the best fit for their vacation even if they have any special requests. They feel the most accomplished when they see their customers happy and satisfied with the services they provided.

They are extremely active on various social media platforms. They can be found on Instagram under @holiday_house_maldives where they have more than three thousand followers. Here they post the most breathtaking pictures and videos of the islands, the sea and of course their beautiful rooms and resorts. They also often post about the latest deals and discounts that they are offering as well as the various services, activities and the best spots to visit when travelling to the Maldives. They can also be found on Facebook here, where they have over two thousand followers as well. They can also be reached via their website where one can easily book resorts, guest houses and liveaboards online. Holiday House Maldives brings its customers’ dream vacation to the Maldives to life and that too at an affordable price.

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