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As the tides shift and everything from shopping for groceries to getting medical diagnoses becomes increasingly digitized, so do communities. The internet has created a global village for communication that is leaps and bounds ahead of how such processes were carried out in the past, and it just continues to expand by the day. Among the many pop-up communities that are formed on and through social media, groups sharing similar interests and hobbies are a particular rage these days. People from different regions of the world unite under one umbrella due to their similar demographic and interests, it’s a beautiful endeavor to decrease the physical distance through online communication. The number of groups for people sharing their hobbies continues to rise every day, and it’s a wondrous thought to imagine how far this may go.

Hina Shakila Kausar is one of the many individuals who found a sense of community through online platforms. Established and settled in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), Hina first gathered exposure in online community building through the creation of her Facebook group called ‘UAE Moms.’ Hina wanted to provide a platform for women that could be used regardless of their limitations or what different backgrounds they hailed from for various reasons. A place where they could get services without spending money and get support regarding not just everyday issues but also important consolations and advice. A platform where women could find solace in and build a sense of companionship with others in similar situations. This was a beautiful and wholesome endeavor.

When the group’s popularity surged, amassing a respectable following and gathering attention from various other places, Hina as the founder of the group was invited as a guest on multiple radio shows and even on television to share her experience of creating a helpful, blooming and beautifully accepting community online. The process wasn’t easy, it took Hina ten years to rise to the top. Along the way, there were hardships and a lot of interesting new experiences to be gathered. Hina organized several charity events, traditional events, community events for people within and outside the group to gather more exposure. Conducting events for people and providing them with opportunities to work from home, counseling opportunities, workshops, and similar endeavors as well as arranging exhibitions where people could showcase their handicraft goods. These wonderfully organized events soon caught the attention of mainstream media and newspapers, and Hina’s popularity skyrocketed.

This wasn’t the end of Hina’s popularity though, her skills weren’t just limited to organizing events, she had a profound love and interest for food blogging, and like every other endeavor that Hina had bravely pursued so far, she ventured onto the new and unpredictable path of food blogging, awaiting new experiences and forming new bonds along the way. Hina expanded her reach on social media through other platforms, creating more loved and applauded community groups on Facebook, and taking the first steps towards exploring Instagram with her account. Posting exquisite photos of the finest cuisines from all over the world, Hina’s account became a hit especially among visitors from Pakistan and India, amassing a considerable following.

The uphill journey for community building and finding her footing in a multi-layered world was no easy task for Hina. However, her patience, perseverance, and constant creativity in coming up with new, interesting, and unexplored ideas are what resulted in Hina gaining the recognition she had always deserved. It’s been a while since Hina became a household name for women in the UAE and other regions, and her immense hard work and determination continue to help her evolve further. If you too have an interest in becoming a part of a larger community or fit the demographic of Hina’s group members, be sure to visit her group pages on Facebook. If you love admiring pictures of food and are also a foodie yourself, be sure to visit and follow Hina for all upcoming details and updates on her Instagram account: @hookedonhena.

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