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Harrison Perks is an engineer, mixer, composer, songwriter, and producer. He was born and raised in a coastal resort town on the South coast of England known as Bournemouth. Music is an art that can be learned with time but comes naturally to some. Harrison is one of those people who have innate abilities to understand music. From a young age of 3, he has immersed himself in playing with a variety of musical instruments such as the drums, violin, bass, guitar, and piano. With time, he has achieved excellence in knowing how to maneuver these instruments and produce quality music.  Harrison is also passionate about classical music, which has contributed towards him gaining a good grasp on the theory of music that has eventually led him to create a varied approach to many different playing styles. Over the past 5 years, Harrison has composed and produced over a thousand great pieces of music in a diverse range of genres: rock, dance, rap, classical, and pop.

An advantage of playing more than one instrument and producing music in more than one genre is that Harrison gets to work with some of the most talented groups of new emerging artists from all over the world. He has collaborated with The UK Voice Finalist Lloren,  International Trance Singer Christina Novelli, Internationally signed band Naipia, Classic Rock band The Answer, and many rising artists from the BBC introducing circuit. Working with established artists from many different genres has allowed Harrison to produce and compose a diverse range of music. This experience helped lead him to become a production and composition company. 

Harrison is well-known for his thriving Artist Development facilities and his award-winning studio called the HP Music- founded in 2013 in Ringwood, Hampshire. Initially, HP Music was established by Harrison to create a space for emerging artists to composing music, songwriting, and furthering their careers without spending a fortune on it. It has custom-built and acoustically treated studio rooms that are designed in a specific way to encourage an ambiance in which artists feel most comfortable and creative. The recording studios have the latest digital equipment and recording software with at least one fully qualified producer present at all times.  It has become a center for talented artists from all over the UK to come together and collaborate, compose, create and record their art; this has helped many artists in establishing their careers and gaining huge successes in it.  It has a team of industry experts who are signed by major labels and have toured globally. HP Music has achieved a myriad of success in little time from its two Top 10 chart releases to BBC Radio Airplay to International Airplay. 

One of the most standing-out factors of HP Music is its unique and unrivaled Artist Development Packages- introduced in 2016. This program allows artists to gain all of the studio services at a reasonable price. Over 50 talented artists are present on its roster that have achieved management deals with well-known labels.  The great thing about HP Music is that it caters to a variety of genres including, Film, Television, Sound Design, etc. Two years ago, Harrison signed two publishing sync deals and is now spending his time in pursuing his passion for producing films, commercials, and TV scores.

Harrison is passionate about his work, and success exhibits his hard work. He possesses so much talent in so many different fields, and he is making use of that talent in a way that’s benefiting a plethora of new emerging artists. He understands that it’s not always easy for young artists to make success in the career, and hence, he is determined to facilitate easy and cheap access to these artists. His studio has won awards and achieved records. He is now domestically and internationally recognized for his engineering, mixing, mastering, and composing abilities. Harrison dreams big, and then he goes after them until he archives them one by one. If anyone wants to look him up, the following are his links: Instagram- harrisonperks, Facebook – harrisonperksmusic, official website – and studio website –

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