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The fundamentals of starting a business are knowing how to run it, what your target audience is, and how you will grow it at a rate that is sustainable. With social media taking the world by storm, it has become the primary means of advertisement and gaining exposure, so it is not rare to see businesses being advertised and shared on different platforms in an attempt to gather a loyal audience or to even get connections. Although the internet is often a cost-effective way of advertising, it is not always successful because of the overflowing users on it. Regardless of the endless opportunities that the internet has to offer, sometimes the desired results are not seen due to the sheer amount of traffic on the internet.


Grant Golestan-Parast saw this shaky pattern and felt that advertising on social media had some shortfalls. For him, the first step was to figure out what was stopping something as powerful as the internet from being successful at marketing and advertising, and how that obstacle could be terminated and improved. After dedicating long hours to understanding how successful marketing is executed, what strategies are involved in making something go viral, all while not making a huge dent in your wallet, he started his own company almost 7 years ago. Naming it GGPMedia, which are Grant’s initials, the company’s focus was always on ROI (Return on Investment) marketing strategies to help increase the client’s sales and their follower count and reach on social media. Believing that “sales is the life force of all businesses”, GGPMedia aims to increase revenue for their clients, upscale their business while improving their own business in the process. 

“GGPMedia is a full-service Facebook & Instagram ads management firm. From design, copywriting & monitoring your ads we have you covered.” Since being established, Grant and his company offer services in the form of targeted Linkedin and Instagram growth by making use of exclusive “viral” growth strategies to get businesses, brands, and companies alike the internet presence that they need to increase their following and engagement. In a short span, GGPMedia has been able to accomplish great things with Grant behind all of its success. Being highly praised by its clientele, the company has a 95% success rate, leaving clients thoroughly satisfied. This has allowed them to push their client figure from 7 to 8 figures in a mere 9 months! Not long ago, GGPMedia expanded to Facebook after creating tailor-made algorithm placements to help future clients looking to expand on that certain social media platform. 

Grant’s rapid growth and success is not a surprise considering the amount of work he put into his company. His Instagram profile (@ceogrant) has over 907,000 followers. With him having gotten over a million new followers to companies in record time, he has a reach of over 300 million followers over Instagram and Linkedin! With over 200 clients and 150 Instagram business profiles under his company’s marketing strategies, GGPMedia’s work and its success rate is nothing to scoff at! 

Although these statistics may seem surprising to some, Grant’s genius when it comes to marketing is what has helped him. At the age of 12, he made his profile on Instagram, and in a span of 5 months, managed to garner over 80,000 followers on the platform! It would probably be safe to say that marketing is something that just comes naturally to him! He also got experience working at a multi-million dollar marketing firm in his teenage years, which only allowed him to stack knowledge about marketing and strategies which have aided his success in the industry and helping his company become trusted, reputable, and a partner that is sure to bring clients positive results! 

Grant has only one goal, which is to be the best innovator in internet marketing in the entire sphere of social media. Be sure to follow his Instagram (@ceogrant) if you want to learn about internet expansion!

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