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Regardless of whether you are a polyglot or if you’ve stayed in one location your entire life, everyone speaks the universal language of music. The music industry is considerably larger today than it could ever have hoped to be in the past. A booming entity of its own, it receives a considerable amount of revenue from all over the world, and as a result, has people from different walks of life and different regions around the globe working as one cohesive unit in the quest to produce music that speaks to one’s soul. Like various blocks that combine to build the foundation of a building.

Among the various processes that occur during the creation of music and songs to be specific, a very important procedure is that of mixing and mastering. Despite it being relatively less talked about and discussed in the music-making process, it is perhaps one of the most crucial elements right alongside arrangement. The process of taking several different sounds and unifying them into a harmonious mix that is not only consistent and pace and tone across the whole album but it sets up a mood and theme that is crucial for the distribution process. In this regard, everyone should thank mastering engineers for giving us the quality output of music we know and love.

Geoff Matthew is a Mastering Engineer and one of the many unsung heroes of the music industry. Having global experience while working with individuals and artists from almost everywhere around the world, he has both the talent and the longevity of survival in the harshly competitive music world. Of course it rarely ever happens that one immediately finds their destination, and in Geoff’s case, he started by recording music and mixing it for the artists which led him to develop profoundly precious skills in mastering, and Geoff didn’t look back since. He completed a course in mastering from the SAE Institute which provided him the opportunity to learn the ropes from some of the finest instructors in the UK. The path towards his professional career was, therefore, all set.

Among the many individuals and artists that Geoff has collaborated on various projects with, some of the most notable ventures include him working with the Ester Dean team, which is signed under Jay-Z’s label Roc Nation as well as with B Slade, one of the most famous gospel singers the world had ever seen. Having gathered all the necessary experience required for him to prosper in this career, Geoff is now all set to spread his wings into the world of music through the means of social media. Since everything in the world today is becoming increasingly digitized, everything from getting initial propositions and orders to marketing the final product are all being carried out online. In a world like so, one must adhere to social media and expand their reach.

Geoff aims to achieve the same purpose through his social media accounts. Not only making feedback and interactions more readily accessible but also reaching out and finding potential clients to collaborate on projects with. To serve this purpose Geoff is now seeking verification for his social media accounts as these are the first step on the road to gaining more opportunities especially if there exists a risk of people impersonating its original creator which is a rampant issue these days. By receiving the much-deserved verification and credibility to his artistic talent and creativity, Geoff can become more accessible to everyone wishing to get in touch with him, without the fear of talking with non-credible people.

It is difficult to leave your mark in a world full of competition. Only through hard work, consistency in efforts and undying perseverance can one hope to truly make it. Geoff Matthew is a perfect example of unwavering determination and sheer talent prospering in the world where everyone is out to prove their mettle. To find out more information regarding this talented individual be sure to check him out on Twitter and specifically his Instagram account: @gkmusic90.

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