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A nursing student turned singer, Gazmir Lleshi more commonly known as Gazi Lleshi is a 25-year-old passionate young individual residing in London, United Kingdom. Moving to the city in 2017, he came to complete his higher education and was a nursing student at a university. Once done with his studies, he realized his true passion lied with music and hence decided to pursue a different path instead. He started releasing music at the tender age of age 20 back in 2015, alongside his studies. But later on, converted this dream into a full-fledged career since it was something he greatly enjoyed doing. 

Gazi’s first music video was released on the 28th of March 2015 by the name of ‘Ma Nuk Je’, the video was able to garner an impressive hundred and fifteen thousand views from fans and around five hundred likes. His next music video called ‘Jeta N’Kurbet’ was released on the 11th of September 2015, which managed to gather around a hundred and eighty thousand views and over a thousand likes by audiences. Over the years, Lleshi has released several songs and music videos with each crossing over a thousand views, his most recent work were released on the 20th of March 2020 and in just a few months were able to garner over eighty-three thousand views.

Finding out about his dreams at the young age of fifteen, Gazi was always very passionate about making and producing music, wanting to pursue it as a career. However, due to certain circumstances were forced to study medicine instead. Despite his very busy schedule he never gave up on his dreams and always managed to take time out for music-making. He used to juggle between his studies and his passion, always contributing equal time to each. Such dedication shows the very hardworking personality of Lleshi and how he is always ready to put his utmost best in everything he does. 

Gazi narrates an experience that further highlights his devotedness to his ambitions and his strong desire to work in the respective industry. His most recent release was filmed in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil where he was not familiar with the language, people, or surroundings. Despite the very evident language barrier he still managed to survive in the city and successfully filmed a music video amongst the discomforts. He suppressed his comfort to portray the best side of his performance hence the very successful results. Such tolerance for another country and its culture shows the very respectful and appreciative nature of the young man.

Lleshi has various social media accounts, which act as a platform to communicate with his fans. His Instagram account (@gazi.official_) has over fifteen thousand followers; it is a place where interaction with the fanbase is made easier through pictures, stories, and highlights. This particular platform helps make a channel for the artist and his followers to discuss and communicate easily with each other; it creates a personnel level of communication making the supporters somewhat a part of Gazi’s daily life. He also has a Facebook page (@officialgazi) which acts as a promotional account for his music; he updates his fans with links to his videos and music so that it is easily accessible for them. 

Gazmir Lleshi is a very devoted man who wants only the best for himself; he never wants to settle for mediocrity hence gives his absolute in everything he does. His perfectionist personality has helped him greatly as evident by his impressive list of achievements. His positive outlook towards life is what made him be the man he is today, one who only looks forward and never gives up. Similarly, he wants to instill the same qualities in his supporters hoping that they can succeed and one day become like him as well – headstrong and hardworking individuals.  

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