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The field of sports is highly competitive; Football even more than others. On top of that, individuals looking into entering said field sign themselves for early retirement. This is because the field of Football is highly demanding when it comes to fitness level, agility, strength, and skill. And after the age of 35, it becomes increasingly hard to maintain that level of physical fitness, hence why 35 is the average age of retirement for footballers. But that does not make the sport any less promising, exhilarating, and rewarding.

Faris Bilal Abdel Haq, 19 years of age, originally belonging from Jordan in the Middle East, is currently a professional Football player at Cádiz CF football club for Spain under the Segunda división B. Faris has dual citizenship, having both American and Jordanian nationalities – but plays for a Spanish club. His position he plays in the team is the striker’s position. He had previously played for Alnasr Football club Dubai, Jordanian national team under 16 as well as the under 19 team. He also played for the UAE youth leagues – the under 17 and the under 16 teams. Because of his display of terrific skills, Faris’s club has crowned the winner of the UAE youth leagues under 16, when he played for Alnasr. In addition to this, Faris himself has received awards for his performance during matches. He has won an award for the best player as well as the best goal scorer (top scorer) in many leagues. His achievement led to a lot of media attention, and Faris received plenty of publicity. Many news headlines and online articles were written about him, praising his outstanding achievements at his young age. Jordan’s best newspaper, the Al-Rai, also wrote about Faris and his mastery in the sport.

One of his very prominent, cherished memories is when he scored an excellent goal playing for the Jordanian national team under 16 against the UAE national team. The outcome was an interesting one; Faris’s skills seemed to have proved him worthy enough for the UAE clubs, Al Nasr and Al Wehda, to approach him wanting to sign him for their clubs. He played so well that the rival teams wanted Faris on their team. One can say, Faris was an overachiever. 

With hard work comes success, and with success comes fruitfulness. Not only does Faris get to travel around the world (to complete in his matches and also for training) for free, he even gets to meet famous footballers and other athletes. For example, back in 2016, he met none other than Leonel Messi – one of the most legendary football players of the current times. On Faris’s official Instagram account, he has posted the video of their meeting. The video shows him getting his T-shirt signed by Messi. That was his first meeting, he even met the striker a second time later that year. Other than this, Faris’s Instagram has videos and photos of him training, at the gym, shots from matches he has played in as well as some self-taken photos. He is young, talented, and vibrant, and his social media shows that well. 

Faris claims that football is his best friend – which is a very sweet way to describe the relationship between an athlete and their sport. He has been playing football ever since a young age. The connection an athlete develops with the sport they play is a very sacred one. It is this relationship that drives the athlete forwards and allows them to work harder and smarter in order to achieve more than they can imagine. Faris, at only 19, has exhibited immense potential, one which athlete’s show later in their sports careers. He is set to become the next big sports star in the coming years. With his determination, it is inevitable he will achieve his dreams. 

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