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Concerts are memorable for everyone who attends them. However, much work goes into the making of a concert. Apart from the lead singer who works the main stage, many people work backstage and ensure that the event goes smoothly. Light designers also work backstage. They define the way in which the audience sees a live performance. A Lighting Designer makes the choice between what lights get turned on and what lights get turned off, during a show. They are responsible for lighting designs, installation, and operation. The designer is also responsible for any kind of special electrical effects that are required for the production. Erich Meitzner is a renowned lighting designer who has worked with various different artists. He has made quite a name for himself in the light directing industry. 

Erich was born and raised in Kansas. He had always loved going to concerts. Concerts took Erich to another world as he immensely enjoyed the entire concert experience. In 2004, he had gone to a concert where he feels in love with the entire feeling of a live show. It was then when he decided to pursue a career in lighting design. Lighting designers work on various productions. They create and manage all aspects of lighting for the production or the concert. In order to create the perfect concert experience, lighting designers use set designs, computer software, and storyboards to create lighting cues and devise a layout for the entire event. Erich has a broad knowledge of the lighting world and brings with him a wealth of real-world experience as a touring lighting designer/director for acts like Grouplove, Walk the Moon, Liz Phair, and Bleachers, among others.

Over the years, Erich has worked with a lot of artists on their tours. As an experienced touring professional, he brings important on-the-road insight to his position. He knows what it takes to deliver a light designer’s vision. He also has excellent hands-on product knowledge and is already well-acquainted with what is required for an incredible lighting set. A lighting designer is constantly required to edit and develop his plans for the event. They need to consider safety concerns and special effects. The lighting director works within a budget and ensures that locations, colors, and dimmers for all lights are to be included in the production. Erich has mastered the art of light direction as he proves to be someone who is passionate about his career. He has great technical skills with an excellent color vision that allows him to curate the artists’ vision. Many artists have regarded him as a solid addition to their team. Erich is a great communicator and has the ability to meet deadlines on time. He shows professionalism wherever he works. 


Erich believes that a part of what keeps him excited about lighting is working with people and helping them find the right kind of product that best meets their needs. He, recently, worked with Scotty Sire from the Vlog Squad. The vlog squad was introduced by David Dobrik and consists of many members who create content on YouTube. The squad also goes on various tours. Erich has worked with many large artists but seeing the “pandemonium” around Scott was something truly different. He regards it as one of the best experiences in his life. 

When he is not busy directing the light production on concerts, Erich can be seen as being pretty active on social media. He is quite active on Instagram. He posts pictures and videos of all the light production that he has done. This allows people to view how impressive his work is. He also shows off his personal side. He posts pictures of him hanging out with various artists, friends, and family. For more information, people can follow him on Instagram at @erichmeitz. 

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