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Power is a concept not talked about very often. Everyone’s after it, but people often forget what the attraction is. Power is essentially having authority over yourself and others. Some are after it for the agency it provides them, but others and most people at that, only want it to have the authority over others. There’s hardly anyone who has power who uses it to be good. We were force-fed names of people in history who had been good and generous and had their kindness remembered- Florence Nightingale a prime example. However, what’s important to remember is that Florence was a rarity. If others would’ve been like her, then her name would’ve been forgotten amongst the rest. Therefore, when someone comes along who knows what power really means and doesn’t get swept by the intoxication of it and rather stays firm to his beliefs and tries to help others, such a person is a rarity and needs to be appreciated and recognized. A person like this in our generation is Eric Howard.

Eric Howard wasn’t granted power overnight. Perhaps at this point, the word power can be swapped for the word influence, as it is Eric’s influence that grants him power. Eric garnered the title of an influencer after many years of hard work and toiling, earning himself the title and making himself worthy of it! He is an actor and has been working for quite some time. He is to the core just the same as everyone else. Even famous, he feels the same jitters we do when he sees someone famous. Case in point was when he met the Hamilton actors and being a huge fan of the show, got super excited and now lists it as one of the famous interesting stories in his life!

Having lived in this world for this long and having witnessed the many injustices that happen here on a regular basis, Eric has some strong opinions on these topics! Some of the most prevalent issues in the current times are the horrible cases of sex trafficking, rape, bullying- in person and online, as well as the recent highlighting of the ingrained racism embedded into us and alarmingly even teen dating violence! He has seen people who have been victims of these atrocities, and even if he hadn’t, enough stories are circulating the internet to make even the coldest hearted person break. 

He knows the influencers who can make the world turn and change with only one word won’t speak up about it so he knows that it’s people like him those who still have empathy and justice left- who need to speak out. He is using this motivation to try to reach a stage where when he speaks people listen and they remember engages on his Instagram @supp_its_eric and regularly posts his updates here! He regularly posts motivational updates for everyone to follow and to brighten up their day. 

As of now, he has close to two thousand followers, but he hopes that once word gets out of what he’s attempting to do, more people will come out to show their support and participate and follow him. He currently has books and podcasts on his profile and hopefully more will come when he starts his podcast properly. He needs to gain more followers to make good on his promise as an influencer!

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