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It’s almost impossible that you’ve missed this: Instagram is the new hype of 2018. Everyone is talking about those new “influencers” nowadays; they’re the ones who change the consumer world based on what they wear, use, do and share on their social media. And they have a large influence on teens and other Instagram users.

On Instagram we have the famous celebrity influencers with over 1 million followers, but we also have smaller influencers that are mainly undiscovered. That’s why we’re writing this blogpost. Today we want to introduce you to one of our recently discovered accounts: @meilingjin, the “new kid on the block.” If we’re talking about amazing undiscovered influencers that you should know about, then there’s no way you should miss out on Meiling.

Meiling posts high quality content every day and she interacts with her followers by asking their opinion on products. This makes her followers feel more connected to her account. So far Meiling has successfully grown the followers of her account to over 40,762. Definitely an impressive amount in such a short timespan!

Today, if you want to get in touch with an “influencer” and have them promote your brand, you might be thinking of accounts with 100,000 followers or more. People tend to go to the biggest names in the industry, and understandably so. The more popular an influencer is the more valuable their promotion will be. But as competition for the big influencers grows, we’ll likely see more diversity among influencer targets and see less known influencers immerge. In other words, although we’ll still see influencers at the “million plus” accounts, the newcomers like Meiling will be getting attention from brands.

The other big shift that we’re going to see is a more active approach to our otherwise passive social profiles. What I mean by this is that, right now, our social accounts, Twitter profiles, Instagram and Facebook are somewhat passive representations of our actual personality, aspirations, thoughts, and feelings. But those platforms, when very large, don’t necessarily engage with their followers. They don’t talk back when someone interacts with them. Meiling, with fewer followers, takes the time to engage with her fans and followers to let them see that she is a real person that appreciates her followers and supports the brands posted.

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