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Music, like other forms of art, requires unwavering dedication and diligence if one wants to actively pursue it as a career and succeed in it. Music is one of the purest forms of creativity. To take the tune inside one’s head and execute it to perfection is no simple feat. Music is not only an escape from reality or a stress reliever but in this age of entertainment, it is an essential part. Singers, songwriters, and music producers and composers are not only working on creating music to release their own albums but are also heavily in demand to make soundtracks for everything ranging from television commercials and shows to series and films. They employ their expertise to pick up the essence and vibe of a piece of video and create a melody to suit it.

Enfim Produções is a music label that consists of producers, songwriters, and composers based in Brazil. They started off as a small label of limited people with a big dream. That dream was to make jingles, melodies, and music for everyone who needed it. The people behind Enfim Produções work with excellent artists to make the music that they love, moulded to fit into the demand criteria given by their clients.

They started off by making music, beats, and songs for TV commercials and shows airing on local Brazilian TV. They gained their initial fame and good reputation when those songs and series were incredibly well-received. This was amazing news as it meant that bigger doors and marvelous opportunities would be opening up for them. That is exactly what happened next. Enfim Produções received more contracts from bigger franchises. This allowed them to grow their business and make a name for themselves. Their goal, that was initially to make the best music that they could, became something much more meaningful.

As they got the chance to work with bigger artists, their range also increased. Soon, they had worked in such a wide variety of genres, they acquired their goal of making music for many different tastes. Their business became more established and the list of their services also increases.

Ultimately, they got an offer to work with Capitol Records to produce one of their artists. For those who don’t know, Capitol Records is one of the biggest record labels in the US. They have worked with a number of culturally impactful musical artists such as The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Halsey, etc. For Enfim Produções to receive that golden opportunity and be recognized at such a huge platform was very telling of not only their boundless potential but it was also a representative of how far they had come from their humble roots.

Another pleasant surprise for them was when they received an invitation from none of than Netflix. They were invited to produce soundtracks for some series that were airing on Netflix. They were stoked! After meeting with their executives, a contract was concluded that they would be hired as one of the official Netflix producers. Needless to say, the put their best producers to the works and they now have multiple tracks set to be the official soundtracks of a few of the series and films that are to be released later this year and next year. They are something to look forward to for sure.

As of now, Enfim Produções have their own website where they can be reached out to with ease if one wants to hire them for one of the multiple services that they have to offer. Their services include distribution services, marketing solutions, musical professionals and specialists, licensing, and music production. They are a family-owned and run business and all their work is personalized to fit the clients’ needs. They have a reputation for working on an order until the client is satisfied with it, and this is one of the biggest reasons behind their organic success.

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