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While we acknowledge the stylists, make-up artists, stunt doubles, managers, and bodyguards of famous celebrities, we forget to notice the man/woman behind their jaw-dropping haircuts/styles. Celebrity barbers have been in the margin for a long time but it’s high time we start acknowledging their efforts and allow them to showcase their work in the mainstream because just like any other make-up artist or designer, barbers have to do a lot of uphill struggle to make their client’s desired haircut. No doubt, haircutting is difficult to do, even more, difficult to perfect so it is definitely not something you can learn in a week and call yourself a professional barber.

1510 ,...KUTZ

Emmanuel Goodlett is a celebrity barber who works at East 2 West Kutz, a renowned celebrity hair styling and cutting shop, established in 2013 at Ocean Side Blvd Ste. He is a father of four, three sons and a daughter, and is married to Fiasili Toluao who is a confectioner and entrepreneur. She runs her own business called CupcakeConnect (can be found on Instagram).

Emmanuel frequently works with NBA and NFL players such as Los Angeles Laker player Jared Dudley. His clients are often the players and coaches as well. Emmanuel has also worked with Interscope recording artist John Givez and San Diego Padres drafted player, Reggie Lawson. And not only that but other celeb barbers come to Emmanuel for haircuts too!

Nonetheless, he frequently posts pictures of his hair cut mastered on his celeb clients and it is safe to say that Emmanuel nails it every time! While you may dream of standing spikes with a cool design underneath it, Emmanuel will make your dreams come to life.

Emmanuel states that the most interesting part of this job is being able to interact with such inspiring people in high places. Being a father, he enjoys spending time with his children and fulfills his responsibility towards being a good father and managing his career at the same time. As being a husband, Emmanuel is definitely treating his wife like a queen! The couple often posts on Instagram and shares their life of devotion and love towards each other on social media to set an example that even having their own careers, they still make ties for each other and spend quality time with their children. After all, this is what makes a family bond strong because indeed achieving your dreams and following your career path is important but loving your family and spending time with them is vital. Hence, Emmanuel and Fiasili are perfect examples of this.

Emmanuel seems to be a lively and responsible person. In an interview, he stated that the fact that he could make people happy with just a haircut is what derived hum towards this profession. Unlike most barbers, he appreciates his opportunity and loves his career. This is in fact an important strand of life. You must learn to love your career to be the best at it and yet again, Emmanuel is the perfect example at it. Every hair cut may be different, but he puts the same love and devotion towards making his client happy every time. And since he loves his job, he is indeed very skillful and talented at it as well. Emmanuel is an inspiration to everyone. It is amazing to see how he is able to manage his job as a barber, run his house, and spend quality time with his family.

Being a barber is surely hard work because haircuts are difficult to master and you always want to make your client happy and confident with the result. So kudos to Emmanuel for being such an inspiration for all of us! His joyful personality is certain to bring out the best in all of us.

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