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Medicine is a demanding profession. Both students and doctors work day and night to be on top of their game. Due to the complexity of the multiple fields within medicine and the constant competition, it can get cumbersome. And it often becomes hopelessly exhausting to keep up with the knowledge and practice. That was one of the thoughts running through Dr. Ellen Ko’s mind when she was playing trivia games on an app with her children one fine evening. As the levels progressed, the game became more interesting and complex. This fact sparked an idea in Dr. Ko’s mind to incorporate trivia games into her professional career. 

Dr. Ellen Ko is a cardiologist practicing at the Heart Center at the Luzerner Kantonsspital (Luzern Hospital) in Luzern, Switzerland. Together with a dedicated group of her colleagues, she developed an app called DocBattleApp. The main concept of the app is to combine the complexity of knowledge in the field of cardiology with the entertainment of trivia games. 

Cardiology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of the heart and the circulatory system of the body. The knowledge of this subject is highly complex and plentiful, and the treatment procedures are delicate and require expertise. As the days go by, new discoveries and innovations are being made in the treatments related to heart diseases. This requires doctors and health professionals to constantly keep abreast of new information. 

DocBattleApp is not only a trivia game for doctors, but it has grown itself into a global community. Doctors “battle” each other on cardiology knowledge to move on to new levels and the questions progressively become harder and more complex. There is a range of categories to choose from such as Clinical Practice, Basic Guidelines, and Diseases, and there is also a points system. One can also choose basic, medium, or advanced levels.  It is not only exciting and entertaining but also helps sharpen knowledge and improve analytical skills.

When the COVID-19 pandemic came around, the team behind DocBattleApp saw how the world became more interested in medical knowledge related to the disease. They adapted their app to have content about COVID-19. This helped in not only educating people but also making sure people become well-versed in it, especially doctors. They provided this as a service to medical professionals all around the world by including and updating information as soon as it became available. During and after COVID-19, the exchange of information will heavily rely on electronic media sources. The people behind DocBattleApp plan to adapt to this new trend as well.

DocBattleApp started as an app for medical professionals to connect through a healthy competition based on knowledge about cardiology and gradually grew into a community. The DocBattleApp team is continuously adding innovative features on the app to allow and encourage the creation of an online community for cardiologists to connect with each other. A new and fairly recent feature added on the app is “Case Discussions”. The creators and editorial staff post interesting patient cases on this feature and allow for questions or discussions to be posted by people who use the app. These sessions are monitored by the editorial staff who also guide everyone to the best learning methods.

One can easily download their app or visit their website for more information and guidelines. They are also available and highly active on their social media accounts, especially on Instagram. 

In the future, The creators of DocBattleApp hope to expand into more disciplines of medicine. They hope to reach out to not only a larger audience but also people who would like to be a part of their team and grow as a whole. They are easily approachable if one wishes to contribute to their platform. In fact, for their expansion project, they are actively looking for partners who want to get involved. They offer a fun and unique way of learning and it is surely innovative and futuristic.

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