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As the world rapidly progresses and society adapts to become one that is much more openly accepting of others, tolerance and healthy discussions are encouraged much more than they were in the past. As a result, the societal stigmas associated with mental health and seeking help and getting treatment have slowly dwindled. The world today is a world willing to listen to the woes of those who were mistreated or are suffering in silence. This is a beautiful feat, and it is majorly due to the many professionals who dedicate their time to helping out those who are afraid to discuss mental health issues, encourage therapy and make the world safer for everyone.

Among the many hardworking individuals in this field, there is one Ella McCrystal. A Psychotherapist, Resilience Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist for athletes by profession, Ella is a trusted individual in her field, having worked with famous names the likes of Harlequins Rugby and David Cotterill, has previously worked with various world titleholders, and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Ella is skilled in handling the various issues that arise as a result of intensive training and physical and psychological stress by being involved in the sports industry, a field notorious for rigidity and discipline. For this purpose, athletes and other professionals need to undergo frequent checkups for not just physical fitness but psychological welfare.

Ella was first drawn to the field due to an urge to help out as many people as she could. To contribute to somehow lessening their suffering was all Ella wished to do, in particular helping victims and survivors of abuse in all forms. She wished to comfort survivors of sexual abuse, those who had been victims of circumstances similar to her own. As a fellow survivor and fighter, Ella did her absolute best to become the source of strength for similarly affected people, becoming the lifeboat surrounded by a stormy ocean. This experience was extremely important to Ella as she found herself regaining her strength and finding out that she deserved a second chance at a happy life too, just like the people she was trying so hard to help.

Having set out on this particular career path, Ella began expanding her reach by providing help both online and in person. She created social media profiles that would make her easily approachable even if someone was in a remote location, making her counseling and guidance available at any given moment of the day. Ella is now seeking official verification to add legitimacy to her page and to prevent impostor accounts from popping up. Ella’s followers are made to feel secure in an environment that is a comforting space for everyone to share their thoughts in. Success and failure are all a part of life, and a product of our efforts, believes Ella, and she urges people to be mindful of how they set forth to carve their destiny.

Kindness, love, and empathy are the most primal human qualities and everyone must display these as often as possible. It is, therefore, comforting to see bright souls like Ella’s working to help others and spreading their love to those who might not have been fortunate enough to receive it. Ella isn’t just a guide, she’s a savior, a fact that has been recognized time and again. Ella has received invitations to bestow her wisdom upon audiences through platforms like the TED talk. It is beautiful to see her rise from the ashes like a magnificent phoenix and become a protector for others. To find out more information regarding this amazing, awe-inspiring and talented woman, be sure to visit Ella Mc Crystal across her various social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and most importantly her Instagram profile: @ellamccrystal.

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