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Esra Keskin (EK) is an enthralling British National young girl who was born in February 1997. She is a fanatical girl who always dreams sky-scraping and dedicated to her goals in her life. She is running a Talent Management Business in London, United Kingdom. As a Director at EK Talent Limited,  Esra is facilitating business consultation to several organizations. Talent management is dealing with the most precious asset of an organization ….. the people… Esra knew that organizations capitalize on their employees. She believed that their success briefly hinges on their employees’ talent. She had the potential to contribute something worthy to society.

The Founder of EK Talent, Esra Keskin, is inspired by the modeling, fashion, and music industry. EK Talent Limited is the name in the most capricious market where the actresses and models have to face a lot of challenges in their professional careers. These women have a glass ceiling that demonstrates obstacles in their professional life. The glamorous industry with plenty of threats and harassments at the workplace was a motive for Esra Keskin to dive into this field. While attending a party as a guest, she has noticed how people were treating fashion models and influencers. This Satient girl has changed her professional goals to serve these women and help them to excel in their careers. As she has a diverse set of skills including Marketing, Client Relationship, Social Media Advertising, and booking management so it wasn’t much difficult for her to get success in her new endeavor. EK talent director, Esa Keskin, had an awesome experience regarding the media industry and had good communication with the models’ network too.

Esra Keskin has started her career from the position of BD and Marketing Assistant at Mayer Brown at the age of 17. She had the opportunity to attend many seminars and events in London while doing that job. Her duties include doing event planning and organizing. Esra Keskin grabbed the attention of talent management for women models, singers, and influencers. Therefore EK talent Limited was founded by this young girl in 2015 in her teens. As she was so young, she wasn’t much clear about the success of her business objectives but with a visionary and genius mind that lead her to great success in her business strategies. Since she has witnessed several loopholes in the security and safety of women artists, she focused mainly on this area of talent management. She has designed some set of laws to facilitate women models’ and influencers’ in the fashion and music industry. She has assured the mental health and security issues at the workplace as well as a whole too. Esra Keskin believes that employees security and safety is the primary concern for a successful organization. Because of her passion for her work and her unique management skillsets, she has reached the level of distinction where EK talent got renowned for providing top class models. EK Talent’s client portfolio has started flourishing pretty fast.  Her clients are incredibly satisfied and pleased by her models’ selection that they started relying on EK talent quite easily. Her clients include Fashionva, JD Sports, Wagama, Universal Music Group, and Virgin Records, and many more. 


EK Talent is providing an alluring talent pool in the modeling and music industry. She is a very hardworking and fair girl and she never compromises on standards and quality of work. She provides models for photoshoots, catwalks, music concerts, and studio bookings. She is offering, outclass, sterling, and superb influencers and models with the best services.  EK Talent deals in studio hire and also offers web design facilities. The blend of innovation and business strategy gives satisfactory clientage. While she intended to help people hence her success turned inevitable. Esra has offered legitimate business development and marketing to the companies hiring her models to give them hype in the market. EK talent is actively available at and

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