Ekate Kevin (@paramouretpourlegeste)


This article introduces you to a very talented and energetic person namely Ekate Kevin. 

Ekate Kevin was born and raised in Paris, France. He is an entrepreneur and has been on a textile project for three years. He has just created an Instagram page with the username of paramouretpourlegeste that is affiliated with a brand that he has created. He has formed this page as people interested in his brand can easily and quickly find it on social media platforms. He wants people to trust his brand and its Instagram page as he trusts them. He has been attracted to starting a business since his childhood and he and his band have been very popular over time. He is the person who believes in his abilities and skills. For the progress and development of his Textile business, he works and strives hard as he is of the belief that without hard work no one can reach the pinnacle of success. Another reason behind Ekate Kevin’s creating an Instagram page is that he through his social media page wants to reach the maximum customers throughout the world. 

In addition to this, Ekate Kevin is an open and positive minded Business person who focuses on the brighter aspects of his life and always stays hopeful for the development of his business. He dislikes giving attention to negative-minded people because he is well aware of the fact that negativity always distracts persons from their path and destination. He always stays focused on his business and does not waste his time in idle gossips and things. He never misses an opportunity and makes most of his time to be successful in his business. Owing to his sincere efforts, hard work, and strong determination, he has been very successful in getting his brand popular in his country at a very young age. Getting success in one’s business is almost impossible for a young entrepreneur but Ekate Kevin has astonished his near and dear ones by getting his brand renowned in no time.  

Furthermore, it is mandatory for a businessperson to have strong social networking and communicative skills, and Ekate Kevin is well versed in these skills. He even has the persuasive skill and can easily persuade people around him. During his dealings with people, he is always kind and polite to them. That’s why people prefer his brand ‘paramouretpourlegeste’ to that of others. He is a very social and extrovert who loves social gatherings and interaction with people because he is of the belief that an entrepreneur must be in contact with the people as he/she may get to know more about their needs and demands.  After having known the needs of people, it becomes easier for a business person to cater to their needs. His brand paramouretpourlegeste can meet with the demands of people in the best possible way. 

Moreover, Ekate Kevin has always been determined, committed, and dedicated to chasing his dream of being a renowned entrepreneur. Unlike other entrepreneurs, he is very cheerful and happy and his life has always been full of fun and enjoyment.  Despite being busy in pursuing his passion, he has been successfully able to develop a balance between his personal, professional, and social life. He himself manages an Instagram page affiliated with his brand because as an entrepreneur he wants to be in direct contact with people across the globe. He has a huge fan following and that can be witnessed from the fact that he on the Instagram page of the brand has amassed hundreds of followers. Through this page, he will keep updating his followers about his brand from time to time and will get to know more about their needs. More can be learned about his brand if its page is followed on Instagram. The link to the account of his page is given below.


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