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The music industry is one that has never discriminated against the people in it and has proved to be a welcome and open space for people of all ethnicities, color, orientations, and free to put out music of all types. All genres have been explored over the decades, some growing more popular than others, but all being important nonetheless. With music being so closely linked to personal growth and expression, it is oftentimes linked to an artist’s childhood and their upbringing. A lot of artists had musical backgrounds where they were always surrounded by instruments and vocals, whilst others fell in love with it when using it as an escape. Regardless of these factors, music has served as a haven and a place for self-growth and expressing oneself for decades. Although practice makes perfect, some people are blessed with the natural raw talent which allows them to pick up and learn the things they see around them much quicker than the average person. 

Surrounded by people who loved music from a young age, Edwin Johnson had been exposed to it from as far back as he could remember, and naturally, it integrated into his life little by little. His mother and father were also talented singers with their go-to music choice being gospel. Not only did this make Edwin appreciate genres of music that were not as mainstream, but it also made for quite an interesting childhood. Where normal children grew up to their parents singing nursery rhymes to them, Edwin always got an earful of gospel music. This opened him up to diversity in music and allowed him to enrich his artistic sense for when he would make music in the future. 

Edwin’s love for music had its roots in something much deeper and was far from superficial. With gospel being an important part of his childhood, he listened to legendary gospel acts like The Clark Sisters, who have been active since the 60s, Derrick Haden, and Kim Burrel. Being acquainted with singers like them, he believed such voices can only be created by God. He felt an almost spiritual connection with music, and that was when he knew he wanted to sing and write it when he was older. 

All this exposure to music and a musical childhood, with it practically running through his veins, Edwin officially began his career as a musician. Churning blood, sweat, and tears, he was finally able to debut into the New Wave R&B Genre and actualize his passion for music. Since starting his career, he has released music on multiple platforms where innumerable artists showcase their talents such as Spotify and YouTube.

Perhaps it was the soul and the love he makes his music with that did not go unnoticed to anyone listening to it that brought him an impressive audience pretty early on. Across all the platforms where his music can be streamed, he has racked up over 500,000 streams. The numbers are just as impressive as the fact that he has already released 2 albums and individual singles! All of his music videos have garnered positive feedback and hundreds of thousands of views and streams. 

Edwin is a licensed songwriter and has garnered attention from big companies such as Def Jam and Atlantic Records, housing artists like Jay Z, Ava Max, Ed Sheeran, and many more. He has had the opportunity of opening for a number of artists for concerts and has worked with quite a few notable artists as well. 

To communicate with his followers, Edwin uses Instagram (@yungbandboi_916) and TikTok (@yungclas). He is verified on Spotify and continues to grow his following by interacting with fans and posting snippets of his upcoming works. For him, the only way to go is up as he grows as an artist. With a new album titled “Bombs and Breakups” out and another titled “Love Games” in the works, Edwin is showing no signs of slowing down! Follow him on his social media to never miss out on his work. 

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