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EchoStorms is a songwriting and DJ duo with Katya and Ben who are both based in Europe. They have both been on their own musical journey for quite some time – before the inception of EchoStorms. They are working hard to release new music and an album coming very soon. Additionally, they work with clients to help co-write their songs and produce their music for them.


Katya and Ben were going through their own experiences before the start of the duo. Ben has loved music for as long as he can remember. Ever since he was little, he was put into the music scene. He had an ear for good tunes and would immediately start dancing along to the beat of the song. Ben was very close to his grandmother and his mom. They instilled a love and passion for music in him very early on. His grandmother taught him how to play the piano and his mom taught him the guitar.

This led him to start writing his own songs and perform wherever he could. Eventually, Ben created his first-ever band with his friends and got the chance to perform at festivals which gave him a lot of experience. With time, he made his way to the studio to write and produce. His grandmother and mom encouraged him to be resilient even when he felt like giving up. He is grateful to them for bringing him into this field.

Katya’s story is slightly different. She was not too interested in the music industry up until a year ago. She had also learned to play the piano and was knowledgeable about music theory. She enjoyed singing and playing the guitar for her friends. She was quite content with how her life was going until a year ago. Katya stumbled across Ben and they started creating music together which eventually led to the formation of EchoStorms.

The EchoStorms duo is all about creating the perfect tune. They write all their music and spend hours in the studio to produce the perfect sound. They mix their music to create the most beautiful sounding melody in the end. EchoStorms just released their highly anticipated first-ever single, Love Took Control. This is the first of many singles preceding their debut album to be released at the start of 2021. This album is being co-produced by the award-winning producer, Ed Buller. They are excited to see where their projects take them next.

Currently, the rising duo has over 13k followers on Instagram. They are highly active on social media making sure to upload very frequently for their followers. The duo knows the importance of staying in touch with their followers to create a bond with them but to also make sure the world is aware of their latest projects.

Their Instagram is full of promotional videos and pictures which hype their upcoming music. They have adopted a purple and blue theme to their Instagram for the last few posts which perfectly matches their poster for their first release. They have uploaded a live demo of the song along with snippets of the studio version. Their pictures and videos are incredibly captivating and leave the viewer wanting more. In addition to promotional posts, EchoStorms post pictures with interesting poses of themselves in their daily life.

When the team is not working on their music, they are helping others. They are the proud owners of their own music label, music production company, and professional recording, production, and mixing studio. Here, they take onboard clients from all around the world who are struggling to create the perfect piece of music to suit their style. EchoStorms is certainly very hardworking.

The duo is without a doubt on the path to fame. They have worked with many people in the industry up to this point, all of which have huge faith in them to succeed. EchoStorms hope that they will be a household name in their field soon. They are excited to release more music. 

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