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Out of many of the first steps of one’s life, the most stressful new process could include buying a new house. Whether you aspire to live on your own or are a new couple planning to move in after marriage, going through the entire process of purchasing a home might be the most significant yet the toughest adventure of your life. It is an intricate, full of new emotions involving process holding great importance as it is going to ultimately affect your lifestyle after you get done getting it together. During such times, it is crucial to refer to an expert who can connect you to a team that is talented and compatible to work with simultaneously. 

One such experienced and highly talented team to work with goes by the name “Property Cousins”. This real estate was founded by two cousins one of whom is Dusty Mulhearn, an expert in the business. The origin of this real estate team dates back to 50 years of experience as it has been carried down the family to these cousins now. Property cousins is a well-established, registered trademark real estate team that helps both the buyers and sellers move into their dream houses. Based in Southern California, the real estate team is intensely focused on meeting the claims of the buyers and sellers. With the enhanced marketing and sales techniques, these cousins have helped people move into their new homes with full contentment. 

Dusty Mulhearn with keeping in mind the anxiety embedded in the buyer or sellers mind when making the biggest investments of their lives, makes sure that the team works professionally giving clients the treatment of a boss. From buying a condo or selling a beach house, Dusty is focused on strategizing the marketing skills to enable his clients to purchase or sell with no worries whatsoever. The team at property cousins is available at all hours of the day to attend to the needs of their clients solely. 

If you are planning to sell a property you own, this real estate is the right place to look for prompt solutions. Every selling that takes place is recorded and tracked and is sold at such a price that generates profit, never a loss. Keeping the multiple variations of each house in mind, Dusty is keen to plan every selling smartly as such to obtain the top dollar. By compounding the marketing passion and expertise in sales, this real estate puts together the two in the best way possible. As far as the buyer is concerned, the team at property cousins ensures that the process is smooth and not risky at all. The carefully sorted methods involved in the buying process bring forth the ease in the eyes of the clients and make the process smoother to handle. From scratch, the team handles every bit till the quick selling of the property. To never miss a golden opportunity, the team at property cousins simply manage everything by themselves with proper care. 

This real estate agency is now a top-rated team gaining experience of 8 years and more. With its constant efforts, it has become the number 1 realtor and listing agent in Cerritos California. This business has met with multiple occasions that brought joy and prosperity to the business such as selling multi-million dollar beach homes to being honored catering to the desires of big celebrities. From traveling in the supercars surveying houses to being interviewed by many real estate podcasts, the journey of 8 years has been super victorious. As this real estate is doing good as a business, it can be reached through social media platforms like Facebook by the name “Property Cousins- Dusty Mulhearn”, and on Instagram by the name @propertycousins. If someone is looking towards directing and sharing goals with a property dealer to buy or sell their properties, then “property cousins” is the best team to work with as all your needs will be incorporated in a go.

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