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Dreambuy is a family-owned business operating from Essex, England which started in the year 2019. Dreambuy is a loungewear brand for conscious kids and adults who have online shops all over the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain through Amazon and worldwide through their website, Aside from all of their clothes having both the signature Dreambuy feel in the texture and the classic comfortable look, they are also easily recognizable due to its logo stamped on them. Dreambuy has always aimed to be and will continue to be a business that makes luxury affordable. As Dreambuy continues to become even bigger, they look forward to a bigger increase in their sales.

For Dreambuy, the primary mission for their brand has always been to offer essential, timeless, classic, durable, stylish, comfortable and yet luxurious clothing that is convincing enough for its wearers to realise that they do not need to spend half of their bank accounts on boutique brought clothes that ultimately end up in the trash after a very few numbers of uses due to how the fashion industry and trends seem to work. They make sure to achieve this by making their clothing extremely affordable and by having free, on the next day delivery. This just seems too good to be true if one considers how the current business trends in the fashion industry seem to go. 

All the products that Dreambuy sells have unique qualities to them. Dreambuy makes sure to only use the most comfortable fabric that is available that is not only high quality but also breathable and gentle with skin. While they primarily deal with loungewear, they can be worn anywhere. They use premium cotton, ribbed material that is lightweight, silky, and luxurious that has an extremely soft feel to it. The material is also 95% breathable cotton and 5% spandex providing elasticity. The elastic also has a natural effect with its encased elastic waistband for a very snug and gentle fit. As the material is perfect for sensitive skin for people of all ages, it is still recommended for people to wash the clothes at a maximum temperature of forty degrees Celsius without tumble dry so that it does not harm the material by shrining or fading the colours.

Currently, Dreambuy has three unique items of clothing available on their website. One of them is the Summer Ribbed Set Unisex available for children aged six months up to four years for only €12.99. The clothing set is available in five cute colours, dusty mint, blush, grey, daisy and chocolate. It is guaranteed that everyone would love the set. 

Baby Kids Ribbed Loungewear PJs are also available on the website for children aged from six months to seven years for €13.99. The pyjama set is available in even more colours from lights to darks including Velvet Mocha, Apricot, Leather Pink, Forest Green, Midnight Blue, Caramel, Claret Red, and Dove Grey.

As for adults, Dreambuy also has the Adult Unisex Loungewear from the sizes XS to XXL for only €19.99. The loungewear set is available in both Dove Grey and Velvet Mocha colours to match with the kids’ loungewear.


Dreambuy is also an extremely conscious brand. All of their products are not only vegan friendly but also make sure to use the railway in their supply and delivery instead of air travel that is preferred by too many in the industry. By choosing to supply through the railway rather than air travel, Dreambuy reduces its carbon footprint significantly. This is not all! Dreambuy also makes sure to proudly support charities including RSPCA, UNICEF, and Greenpeace from the profits they get from their business. 

To keep up with more products that are soon to come on the Dreambuy website, one can follow the brand on their Instagram handle 

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