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Donavan Epison Miller, more commonly known as PAPA DON (also known as HOLY GRAIL), is a highly successful and young individual, who is juggling five careers at just the tender age of twenty-two. He has been actively working as an artist, actor, writer, music marketer, and entrepreneur. This highlights the very flexible and complaisant personality of Donavan, where he manages to focus and give adequate time to each activity equally and is very passionate about them as well. Born in Chicago, Illinois, his journey began from his home city where at the blooming age of six he passionately performed at a musical theater, attracting talent scouts towards him.

From there on, only fortunate and positive things have come out for Donavan through the industry for which he is extremely thankful for. He credits his mother for inspiring him to aim big and achieve more. Donavan’s mother has worked as a musical artist for around sixteen years of her life; she was also a background singer for many local artists and has co-written various songs when active as a musician. Aside from music, she has performed in open mic poetries several times and also starred in a handful of tv shows such as Chicago Fire. Now his mother has her very own business which caters to pet services in Miami Beach, Florida. Her achievements are an inspiration to not only PAPA DON but also us, to never look back and keep moving forward. 

At just sixteen years of age in 2014, Miller started recording music, finally pursuing his dreams of being an artist. Initially starting with small gigs, he slowly established his name in the industry and was soon grabbing attention from the mainstream media. This spotlight helped him land various opportunities to not only perform as an artist but also act on several tv shows. His acting career consists of getting small roles in shows such as ‘Boss’ starring actress Sanaa Lathan and ‘Shameless’ starring and actor William H. Macy. He has also worked as a promoter for a few popular and renowned nightclubs such as Heart Nightclub, The Hangar, and Club Space to name a few. All were located in Miami, Florida where he dedicated around three years of his working for them.

Aside from the list of achievements mentioned above PAPA DON is also very active as a singer releasing various singles and albums in the past two years, all available on SoundCloud (@iampapadon).  His most recent single called ‘Bye Bitch’ was released just a few days ago on the 27th of June 2020. In only a few hours the song was able to gather more than five thousand listeners on music platforms, showing the immense popularity of the young singer amongst his community. His most listened song is called ‘Bag’ which was produced by SACHY and was released last year, the song has a massive twenty-six thousand listeners on SoundCloud.

Donavan Epison Miller also has a podcast channel called ‘Boast Society’ which he plans on releasing soon. The podcasts will focus on underground artists, models, and fashion designers, where they will have conversations on the hard work and struggles they go through to get where they are. These interviews will be featuring HOLY GRAIL instead, (his alternate name) and will be released on Youtube soon.

Miller is a very active individual on social media platforms having accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and SoundCloud going by the username @iampapadon. He has the most following on Instagram of around thirty-two thousand. Here he actively interacts with them providing updates on his music, career, and daily life. Aside from such social media interactions, Donavan also has his very own website ( where one can access his music, lyrics, and podcasts easily. He is a big advocate for empathy and kindness towards others and is never shy to appreciate his fans. Wanting to be a role model for people around him he always encourages his followers to never give up on their dreams.

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