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Nathanel Victor Taieb, also known as DJ Scorpio, is a reputable DJ and Producer from Israel. He is a talented musician who creates electronic music that can send you to another dimension. His music is upbeat, unique, and classy, which can transcend his audience into a space of happiness. He has his studio where he focuses on producing music mainly from the future house, bass house, G-house, and deep house genre. His songs have played in multiple cities, and he is gradually gaining fans from all around the world. He is a skilled individual that is capable of singing, producing all by himself. Although Nathanel’s journey has just started, he is still earning a lot of recognition in the electronic music world.


Nathanel was drawn to mixing from a young age, thus at 13, he began to invest his time mixing songs and studying about it. At the age of 17, he opened the door of production and took his hobby to make it a proper career. He has been in the music industry for a long time, and his exposure has taught him the expertise and knowledge of being a successful DJ and producer. Now, Nathanel has performed many times in Greece, Israel, Amsterdam, and Ibiza. His love for DJ has taken him to clubs and parties everywhere, and his music is played in radio shows and events as well. He even has his google panel, where people can visit and find his music, merch, and social media accounts.

Nathaniel’s google panel is designed efficiently to get his fans the right information. There is a link to the DJ Scorpio live show, which airs on August 2, 2020, at 13:00. This show happens often and discusses new Electronic dance music, and will host live sessions from the biggest Electronic dance music labels. DJ Scorpio’s Merchandise can be found on google panel as well. There is an abundance of categories available for all genders. You can find Unisex T-shirts, hoodies, Sweatshirts, tank tops, and women’s athletic wear. Other than clothes, the website also has homeware products for baths, and accessories including Face masks, Phone cases, Bags, and Fanny packs. It’s amazing to wonder how many options Nathanel’s fans have, and the diversity in the range of his products. If you want to purchase a tote bag, shirt, or even jewelry, you can visit the link below and order your favorite merchandise.

Nathanel’s Instagram has over 14 thousand followers, that are constantly provided with updates of his work and daily life. His Instagram has links to his latest shows and displays of stories about his work’s success. His work is recognized by renowned labels and artists such as Don Diablo and Alok. Don Diablo is a well-known artist and radio host who has shown appreciation for Nathanel’s unique and brilliant music. Alok has millions of followers and has been a member of the Music Industry for years, his acknowledgment and support has created many gateways for Nathanel to progress in his career. Nathanel has mesmerized and inspired people all along his journey. If you want to check out his Instagram to follow and learn more about him, then use the username djscorpiomusicoff right away!

Nathanel’s music is available on many platforms such as Spotify, ITunes, Amazon Music, SoundCloud, Deezer, and also Youtube. His music was played at the fun radio in France, and his Spotify and SoundCloud have reached more than a million streams since February! His most hit songs on the list are One Call, Make it Better x Cold feelings, On the Dancefloor, Chinese Vibes, and Online Lane. All these songs can be heard and purchased on the link below. If you love upbeat dance music that moves your body to unknown places, then you should visit linktree and listen to some of his songs.

Nathanel can be approached through his social media account and his official website. The website can lead you to his mixing music, Spotify, and social network. Nathanel is a motivation for all individuals who are into mixing and want to live their lives devoted to music, and music only. People who love dance music, dancing or even parties, all can look up to Nathanel’s work to either enjoy his fiery beats or inspire themselves to make them too!

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