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Dilip Paryani, a young, successful, and optimistic resident of Ujjain, the city of Madhya Pradesh, India. He has fulfilled the dreams of innumerable people in finding their dwelling places as per their preferences or in complete accordance with the depictions of their dream houses. Serving in this field since 2008 Dilip has remarkably executed more than 40 projects in Madhya Pradesh state and served his customers with all categories of commercial and domestic construction plans such as full-fledged homes, ultra-modern apartments, classic cottages, shopping malls, hotels, temporary lodges, etc.

Dilip Graduated his MBA in 2010 from Indira School Of Career Development, one of the top MBA Institutes in Vijay Nagar, Indore. The skills gained further uplifted his prospects in the Real Estate industry and he got to work with Tirupati Estates, one of the leading players in Ujjain real estate industry. His journey took him to a harmonious stream of accomplishments where Dilip ardently designed and bought to live all types of classic luxurious, elegant, exquisite, aesthetic, voguish and sophisticated residences for his customers, pouring his foremost focus on every intricate detail of the infrastructure, ensuring quality and value of money, hoping that people could live their dreams every second of their life after opening the doors of their new abode.

Surely, it takes hands to build a house but only a heart can build a home and Dilip out of a sheer passion for his job give his finest efforts in not only designing schemes or engineering customized plans but also exerting himself in other Real Estate services regarding the purchase, sale, lease, rental, or appraisal of real property. Climbing the ladders of his route, Dilip even completed his Mahavastu course last year which facilitates learning Vedic architecture (Vastu Shastra) through short duration courses supported by intuitive MahaVastu acharyas (preceptor in religious matters) at grass-root level. Blessed with the golden moment of his life while being certified as a Mahavastu expert, Dilip had more doors of opportunities opened to him and a chance to administer greater projects with his sharpened expertise.

However, not restricting his business aptitude in the boundaries of real estate agencies, Dilip drew out a great deal of fascination with the latest and all times popular clothing trends and earned his name in the Fashion Industry, rendering his services being a men’s fashion influencer styling, trimming and ornamenting magnificent pieces of art. Texturing his craftsmanship in man’s wear, Dilip sustains multiple spheres of quotidian clothing such as casual, formal, office wear, party style, vacation wear, flamboyant style, rave fashion, haute couture, cosplay fashion, retro and countless others. 

Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can not only see but even feel the approaching of a revolution in clothes and to keep his customers in the swim of these revolutions, Dilip pays maximal heed to every complex and sinuous trace of his design ensuring a top of the line quality of his pre-eminent designs. Dilip’s fashion game not only aims to bring forward man in all radiations of the fashion world but also boosts up their confidence as in today’s era where human interactions are swift and captious, people’s dressing sense tends to rise as the instant indicator of their prestigious personality.

Dilip Paryani’s struggle, fervour, persistence and an eagerness to prove himself in the round the clock progress and regress of the industries, doubtlessly took him to the peaks of his career where he is not only privileged for being known as one of the most illustrious builders of Madhya Pradesh but also an acknowledged and crowd-pleasing designer who has beautified countless ramps with refined and tasteful men’s clothing. 

With unmitigated confidence and zest, Dilip is now looking forward to the August 2020 fashion series for men where he would again have his chance to leave his audience startled and speechless with his unique and applaudable quality outfits. To browse more about his latest designs or real estate projects you can follow him on Instagram @dilip_paryani. 

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