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 Record producing is a profession that requires an individual to oversee the entire process of song composing and album making. They make sure that that the procedure involving lyric writing to music production and assigning musicians and instruments to the recording of a track is taken place as smoothly as possible and without a hitch. Similarly, the duty of a sound engineer is to manage the technical side of recording on any given track. From editing and mixing a tape for lyrical and melodic coherence to mastering an entire album to ensure consistency and harmonic flow between tracks to maintain quality. The duties of a sound engineer are a vital component of musical productions.

 Daniel Lange, more commonly known as DarkoQuan, is a nineteen-year-old German record producer and sound engineer hailing from Dublin which is the capital of Ireland, located on the east coast of the country. He started his career from humble beginnings at the budding age of 18 and has continued to develop his talent ever since. Although still young, Darko has managed to rise to prominence with multiple verified songs on Spotify, gaining thousands of new fans and listeners each month.

 With no signs of slowing down, Darko has already managed to develop quite a remarkable portfolio under his name. He has already worked with high profile figures in the game such as NBA YoungBoy from Atlantic Records, Skinnyfromthe9 from HITCO, Zay Hilfiger, PHE, SterlGotti as well as big-name companies such as BBC and Royalty and Respect Management alongside many others.

Furthermore, humble as he is and being someone who attributes his success to his dedicated fans – Darko is sure to keep up the connection with his fanbase alive via his Instagram (@darkoquan), with a massive and devoted following of over seventeen thousand. He does so not only by keeping them up to date on his whereabouts and musical journey but is more than happy to joke alongside them by posting memes and imparting them with the knowledge he has learned thus far in his musical career with videos outlining how he brings his songs to life.

However, DarkoQuan does not stop the daily grind just there. Having successfully opened a Dublin based Production Company going by the name of Dignity Records. Not only does the company provide mixing and mastering services but also offers marketing and promotional assistance as well as selling records and beats. Dignity Records sells merch for fans looking to support the young artist, the capital gained from which, directly goes back into further improving the musical equipment for the young artist.

 Wanting to further the influence of music production onto the future generations, Quan is quite the inspiration to his fans. Recently he launched a giveaway contest where he not only let his followers download free eight sample beats to motivate them to create their own music, but also provided them with the opportunity to collab with him as well as receive free business consultations with the man himself provided they win. His efforts still do not stop there, however. Darko frequently offers his fellow aspiring creatives to give him a call so that they can discuss how to find success as he did, teaching the budding composers different ways of increasing their following on Instagram so that they too have a chance at gaining recognition like him.

DarkoQuan releases his music on multiple music streaming sights to maximize the spread of his name, the most prominent ones being Spotify, where he is a verified user, Youtube and Dignity Records. Apart from streaming his music online, you can also find his music being broadcasted on iHeart radio.

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