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A record label or a record company is a brand that deals with music talent, its recordings, music videos, and its sales. In the new age of the digital everything including music and its distribution, it is asked if record labels are still important and the answer is yes, they are. Record labels act as a bridge between the artists and their audience. they usually guide the artists to the direction that their audience wants from their music. In the age of digital, they also help with new issues that come with a new form of communication such as public relations. Someone’s public image can change completely in a single night with how fast messages are spread now and record labels help a whole lot with this. Working with record labels and PR companies, artists find it much easier to come up with new social media strategies to ensure that they make the most out of their platforms.

As digital technology has changed almost everything in the music industry from recording to distribution and has given artists the ability to easily release their music through iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, it is not always easy and inexpensive to do so. record labels help artists here massively as well as they can advise on which platforms, they are more likely to have their music receive the ideal audience which saves the artists’ lots of time and money. Record labels also give the artists a certain level of credibility and can help an artist with its created identity. It works as a stamp of approval for the audience.

Crumbs to Bricks Records is an independent record company based in Houston, Texas, who helps out their artists in planning out and mapping out strategies so that they get chances to show their talent to the whole world. They do this by working to create a strong community which ties the artist with their audience and is always in the search for new talent including artist’s models and more.


For Crumbs to Bricks Records, music is one of the greatest ways to express the way a person lives, feels, and expresses themselves through. For their owner, Antonio Martin, the love for music starting during his middle school years where it gave him a feeling unlike any other and motivated him to learn more about it. It was his childhood interest which turned into a passion as an adult which led him to start a small group, Crumbs to Bricks, with his close family and friends. Music has been a huge part of Martin’s life as it was because of it that he moved from the country of Louisiana to the city of Houston which also changed his life for the better.

Being in such an exciting industry, Martin has bound to have come across some extremely exciting stories. When asked about this, he recalls the one time when he was in a business meeting at the local radio station in Houston where he heard the voice of one of the DJs that he grew up listening to. The sales executive director noticed this and walked over to Martin. Then he got the chance to meet the DJ, talk a little bit, and also got the chance to take a picture with him. This incident just left him shocked. It is not every day that you get the chance to meet one of the artists that you grew up listening to that has changed your life for the better.

For Antonio Martin, it is also incredibly important to point out that he is not in the music industry to make money or to find his way to fame. He joined the industry with the intent of trying to elevate his family history and he has been working so hard for that. One can keep up with Crumbs to Brick’s and Martin through their social media pages on Instagram and join them on a journey that is bound to only go up.

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