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Follow your passion and success will follow you back. There is no limit to talent. The world is full of amazing people facilitating one and another by only following the passion. Today we are happy to introduce an amazing website specially designed to help mothers escape from hectic life routines, and adopt a happy lifestyle. “The Sweetest Little Life” is a well-known website owned and managed by the sweetest mother based in California, Courtney Hanson. With the help of a simple yet helpful website, Courtney is enforcing a productive lifestyle for outstanding mothers worldwide.

Courtney Hanson is the renowned author of a popular self-helped book, The Sweetest Little Life. The book is a complete guideline designed to find a direction towards a happy life. Simultaneously, the book is also encouraging the mothers to start their small business and show cast their skills and abilities. The renowned book is widely rescuing out the talent from depressed and busy mothers around the globe.

The popularity of the book “The Sweetest Little Life” encouraged Courtney to make it an enduring journey with a successful destination. Initially, her husband and family encouraged her to start with a website catering to all essential needs and desires of a happy & healthy lifestyle. Courtney believes that only a mother has the power to nurture a happy and healthy family. All it requires an outstanding mother to build a happy home.


The webpage is bundled with all essential elements required to make a productive mother. On one side the webpage is an online store, with the accessories specially designed to enhance the beauty of motherhood. Hence, it helps strengthen the relationship. Moreover, it also contains an area with the courses such as A Mompreneur Guide to Success, and How to start a Profitable Etsy Business? After rectifying the need to create thrilling memories, the webpage also incorporates an area for upcoming events specially designed for family gatherings.

Besides that, Courtney Hanson is also famous for her unique blogging attributes. She has developed a blog to help outstanding mothers throughout the globe. To achieve an optimum living standard, the main objective is to educate a frustrated woman, to achieve a lifestyle with inner peace and enduring happiness.

The mother of three little champions, Courtney Hanson started her career as a salon owner, spreading the beauty charm in California. Her enthusiasm turned a mother plus salon owner into Etsy maker. However, her passion and talent had no limit. Soon, she became an inspirational and influencer personality not only for the mothers in her native community but for all mothers finding a way out of her busy life. She wrote her first book, The Sweetest Little Life – A Mompreneur guide to success, after realizing the need to spread happiness and love. Her masterpiece book was launched on August 14, 2018. She received a massive response worldwide. She is a great help of balancing motherhood life with the entrepreneur attributes.

With more than 50k followers on the Instagram account @thesweetestlittlelife; Courtney Hanson is creating a lasting impact in the world. She can also be joined through her Facebook @thesweetestlittlelife, twitter @withakissartist, and Pinterest account @thesweetestlittlelife. However, her website is a great help for everyone finding healthy happy living standards. Today Courtney has been seen comforting & promoting ease during the time of quarantine; through porch traits, Courtney is spreading love and smile in her community.


From a make-up artist, an MTV to writer and founder of a website, Courtney Hanson has proved that mother can do anything. She is a source of inspiration not only for outstanding mothers but for every woman who wants to live a life with full potentials. From California to throughout the world, The Sweetest Little Life is helping to fill the sweetness in life by spreading smiles.

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