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Chelsey Jeet, a model, who is challenging unrealistic feminine beauty standards. Chelsey is living in Surrey, British Columbia. She has started her career in modeling for a while now. She is spreading a positive message regarding body positivity, and glamour. 

The hard work is the gateway to success. Chelsey believes that with consistency, determination, and hard work the success is certain. Hard work is when we become serious, committed, and dedicated to the achievement of our set goals and tasks. Thereby, it is only with hard work, we can accomplish our goals and get success. Chelsey wants to set an example for her fans by proving that through hard work and dedication you can achieve your dreams. 

Being e role model is not at all easy. You have to set examples and influence your fans with your positivity and work. You have to break your circle and boundaries and work for change. Jeet is working to be a good role model to her fans by spreading body positivity. 

130Chelsey Jeet always had an interest in modeling and thus pursuing modeling as a career has always been fun for her. Her hard work and interest in modeling can be proved as she got published in a magazine, and it is a great achievement for a model. Summer shoots are at the top of her priority list as she enjoys it. Since summer hits she has been doing more photo-shoots for the summer.  Chelsey is surely a multi-tasking girl as she is not only working as a model at World Management. Her profile shows that she also works as a hostess at Denny’s Restaurant, somewhere in Burnaby, British Columbia, and also as a check-in agent at Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services. Not only this, but her profile is also full of different work which she has done in past like, Former Receptionist at Nu Tek Doors Ltd, Former Front Desk at The Met Hotel, Former Sales Associate at Calendar Club, Former Sales Associate at Calendar Club, Former Receptionist at Sign-o-Rama, and Former Sales Associate at Designer Depot. Chelsey is not only a hard-working model but also has different capabilities. She went to Queen Elizabeth Secondary School for her schooling and then she attended Sprott Shaw College – Canada. 

Born on 25, October 1995, Chelsey is yet to achieve much more. She keeps on engaging her more than thirty-three thousand followers by her amazing bold and colorful photo-shoots on Instagram profile. She looks stunning in bold and summer colors dress in her photoshoots. 

People like Chelsey, are the reason that body acceptance and body positivity movements are affecting how women and girls view themselves. None of these things are easy. They take continual effort. There may be sometimes when these people can feel low and weak, but the key is to keep trying to find new ways. To find more about Chelsey Jeet and to have a look at her amazing photoshoots, follow her at “chelseyjxoxo”.

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