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Out of the few industries that are dominated by women, modeling and social media influencing are two that quickly come to mind. In the past decade and a half, women have taken to social media platforms to express and exhibit their multitude of talents. And women have been in the modeling industry for ages and ages, standing with their chins high in front of a camera and allowing it to turn their beauty into art. On social media, women get to put out their unique content to their audience directly.

As time progressed, the range of women in the modeling industry, who at one point only fit a narrow beauty standard, has expanded to include women of all sizes, skin tones, and ethnicities. Proving that beauty comes in all forms and is found in the eyes of the beholder. 

Simran, widely known by her modeling pseudonym “CeeCee Wolf”, started modeling a few years ago and quickly landed multiple opportunities because of her undeniable charm and confidence in front of the camera. She was gorgeous, sassy, and knew how beautiful she was. She knew her goals and would not rest until she achieved them. Hence, she started her journey as a simple model and slowly started making a name for herself. Under the management of Modern Unique LTD, a well-known and reputable modeling agency not only in the UK but in multiple countries, she spread her wings and took her first steps into this industry.

Once she quickly formed a name for herself, she started venturing into other fields. CeeCee has always been interested in starting her own brand and business. She boldly embarked on her journey towards being a successful entrepreneur and three months ago started her own modeling agency. In her own agency, she represents models who are just starting out in their own careers as well as certified and celebrity models. Her label is growing at a rapid pace and with CeeCee’s hard work and vigilance, it is sure to become one of the best in due time.

Even though modeling seems like a superficial profession, it is indeed time taking and demands a high level of patience, research, and commitment. Despite her packed schedule with her multiple modeling gigs and a newly-born agency to overlook, CeeCee has started and continued her studies in law school. She hopes to be a successful lawyer one day and become one of the prime examples of the fact that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive. 

One often finds oneself at a crossroads in life when they are drawn towards multiple professions but only one seems feasible. Modeling was initially a part-time job of sorts, but as CeeCee discovered that her true passion was not only limited to law, she put her heart and soul into it as well. That’s when she spanned out into modeling and entrepreneurship. Inevitably, it was difficult to manage. Law school is exhausting and time-consuming enough on its own, and starting a modeling label was also a full-time job.

 CeeCee poured hours that grew into days that grew into weeks into finding a balance among the multitude of her commitments. It is an everyday struggle, but it is admirable to see her absolutely be fantastic at everything that she does. During all of this, she thrived academically as well. This goes to show that anything is possible if one is dedicated and is meticulous about balancing everything. She didn’t go all-in at once but took everything step by step.

She keeps in touch with her fans and followers on her personal Instagram account where she updates everyone who follows her on her interactive posts, pictures of her latest shoots, and her hobbies. She also enjoys traveling. In her Instagram stories, she updates her followers about her travels and the exciting things she comes across. All in all, CeeCee is on a path towards becoming one of the most successful, self-made women of her generation.

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