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Being in front of the camera and the spotlight from a young age can often have two polar opposite effects on a person’s personality as they grow up. Either they thrive and grow immensely in their careers, or they reach a peak in their childhood careers and then disappear. Either they get tired of living in the spotlight and choose to retire peacefully or it ends up affecting them negatively. For those who choose to step back and find new interests that fuel their creative side, there is no scarcity for fields and professions to choose from. But who is to say one can’t do both?

Cassandra Ritter is an excellent example of a brilliant star who came into showbiz when she was as young as thirteen, thriving for as long as she did, and then leaving to pursue her passions behind the camera, while also maintaining her career as an actress. Cassandra became a teen model at the age of thirteen. She had always been fascinated by the girls in magazines and on television when she was a little girl and always wondered if she would ever get the chance to live out that dream of hers.

Cassandra grew up being complimented for her innocent and delicate features and golden locks. She was a pretty child. When she received multiple offers to model, she discussed it with her parents who finally decided that it was okay for her to do so, as soon as she turned thirteen. It was soon evident that she was born to shine, as, after her first few gigs, she started receiving an abundance of offers. This made her euphoric and she continued to work even harder in her profession, while also maintaining excellent scores in her academic life.

Getting gig after gig for modeling, Cassandra was flourishing and becoming better and better known as a model. Although soon afterward, she decided to branch out and try her luck in acting. At the age of sixteen, she made her acting debut and continued to get roles. Along with acting, Cassandra began to extend her list of specialties and started dabbling in the press, media, and social media influencing and currently has a following of over two thousand on her Instagram and Twitter where she not only updates her followers on the happenings in her life but also posts about important social issues. This shows that Cassandra isn’t just about the superficial fame, but has a genuine heart and keeps up to date about all the important current events. This is also made evident by the fact that she runs her own charity events with celebrities about important matters and injustices. On her Instagram, she posts motivational and inspirational content as a way to uplift others and help them find a silver lining during hard times.

As of now, Cassandra has a degree in marketing and specializes in digital marketing and branding. She started small in that field and worked as a project manager and PR  spokesperson at first and then grew to be the founder of her PR firm. She then freelanced as a Publicist until she gained enough experience. Currently, Cassandra is a proud business owner and CEO of Sensational Media Minds, a social media marketing, management, and branding company. She started from scratch but her business is growing steadily. As she has personally worked in the world of showbiz, she knows how everything works and employs her knowledge that she acquired to improve upon her business strategies and provide the best services that she can for her clients.

Cassandra worked hard on each one of her dreams and made them real one by one. She is a firm believer in the idea that dreams do come true if you work hard enough for them. She is a relentlessly hard worker and preaches that message to her followers who look up to her for guidance. She has a ton of new content planned for those who follow her, and we are anticipating it with the utmost enthusiasm.

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