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Casey Rain is a British Asian musician, performer, and YouTuber. He is popularly known by the stage name “S-Endz” and is also sometimes called “Turi”. He is best known for his work in the critically acclaimed band Swami. The band produces music that is a mix of rap, alternate, and bhangra music. He is also the co-founder of a media collective called The Violet Reality. Casey is a multi-talented individual who has done well for himself as a part of Swami and also in his solo career.

He grew up in Handsworth, Birmingham which is a very diverse area. And so he had a culturally diverse upbringing. He was surrounded by music and musical figures from a very young age as his cousins are multimillion-selling record producers Simon and Diamond Duggal and his other cousin is a famous reggae artist called Apache Indian. His cousins Simon and Diamond formed the band “Swami” and Casey joined as a vocalist in 2004, when he was just 16. 

The band became very famous and put out great music. Their first album was called “DesiRock” and it brought them a lot of attention which led to a deal with Sony Records which is a major music label. They also did multiple world tours after the success of this album. Then in 2007, they release their second album called “Equalize” which did well internationally. Then they released their EP called, “Electro Jugni/She’s Mine”. Casey featured on and co-wrote many of the songs in this EP. In 20019, they came out with “53431” which was a compilation of their greatest hits and also included two completely new songs. Their last album came out in 2017 and was called “Upgrade”. The band reached new heights of success this year when their song “Hey Hey” was featured on the hit Netflix show “Indian Matchmaking”. The show is currently one of the 10 most popular shows on Netflix. Casey has had a lucrative music career and has consistently produced unique music as part of the band. 

He has also been releasing solo music under the name “Turi” since 2006. This shows that his musical abilities are excellent enough to sustain a solo career. He is currently focusing on a new project called “The Violet Reality” which is a media collective. So far, he has launched a successful YouTube channel and blog for the project. The YouTube channel has already amassed 500 thousand views. The collective will soon be releasing exciting original music. Casey has also worked as a presenter. He co-created and presented a documentary about Tupac Shakur in 2006. He has also hosted radio shows and has contributed to other documentaries. 


Artists these days must cultivate an online presence and build a following. Social media is a potent tool that helps one build their brand and then promote their work. Casey understands this perfectly and he has worked hard to maintain an interesting and prominent social media presence. He can be found on Instagram as @caseyrain and has amassed almost 7 thousand followers. He uses his Instagram as a platform to share cool pictures of himself and to share music and other art he enjoys. He recently shared a post about Michael Jackson, the late American singer, and shared how he was a great influence and role model to him. He also shares pictures of music and gadgets he enjoys. His pictures and selfies are accompanied by cool and uplifting captions. His followers enjoy his content and frequently engage with him in the comments section.

Casey is an extremely talented and versatile individual. His music career has shown his amazing abilities. He managed to excel while part of a band, as well as in his solo career. He has consistently released music that is unique and enjoyable. He also has a very wholesome and interesting online presence. He has already achieved a lot and he will surely go on to leave a mark in the world of music

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