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Carmen Seda is a content creator from Kansas City, Missouri. Most of her content is centered on her love for books. She has built a following of over 200 thousand people across different social media platforms. She has also moderated author panels and interviewed cast members. For the past 16 years, she has also been doing photography. Another hobby of hers is to paint. Carmen is a multitalented individual who is making a name for herself online.

She had always been deeply passionate about books and reading. Around 7 years ago, she was inspired to pursue this passion professionally. She decided to start a business through which she could share her passion for books with others. She aims to encourage teens and adults to start reading and she hopes to help new readers find the one book that will make them fall in love with reading and change their lives. Her genuine passion for reading shines through in all the work she does. 

Her journey into the online book world started in May 2013 when she made a fan page called “homeofnephelim” for her favorite author Cassandra Clare. She maintained this fan page for around six months. Soon her interests and tastes expanded and she decided to turn the page into a Bookstagram and changed the name to “The Book Feels”. She now talks about all kinds of books that she enjoys and encourages her followers to read. She has had many interesting experiences since she joined the online book community. She has interviewed the cast for Shadowhunters, her favorite author Cassandra Clare and many other authors. She has also moderated and participated in many panels about books and new releases. Her passion for photography has allowed her to express her love for books more creatively. She has used her 15 years of photography experience to work with some major publishing houses and to write articles for Riveted Lit. 

Carmen has not limited her work just to Instagram and she also runs a website called The Book Feels ( The website is a platform for her to share her writing and her other work related to books, lifestyle, and travel. She has written many blog posts related to books, her most recent one is about a book called Butterfly in Frost by Sylvia Day. She also shares recommendations and pictures of her bookshelf at home. Her website is a haven for book lovers and a great place to discover new books. 


She can also be found on Instagram as @carmdesiree and has amassed over 66 thousand followers. Her bio describes her as a Latina and she lists her interests as “books, Disney, décor, and lifestyle”. She uses her Instagram as a platform to share posts about books and also snippets from her travels and lifestyle interests. Her recent posts have been dedicated to her trip to Disneyland. She has shared many beautifully shot pictures of the park and she can be seen posing in many of them. Her posts about books are also very insightful and she shares her thoughts and feeling on her recent reads. She also frequently hosts giveaways on her Instagram and gives her followers the chance to win some cool books. Her followers enjoy her content and regularly engage with her in the comments section. She can also be found on TikTok where she has a growing following of over 37 thousand people. Her TikTok has humorous content which often features her cats.

Carmen is an extremely talented individual who has used her love for books to produce quality content that people enjoy. Her content is great for those who already love books and also those who are new to the world of reading. She gives great book recommendations and reviews. Her creative photography elevates the quality of her content and makes it more beautiful. Her following will surely continue growing and she will make a name for herself in the world of books.

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