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The music industry is one of the few creative industries that are not discriminatory towards different races, orientations, and colors. It welcomes all kinds of people, music choices, lyrics, ideas, concepts, and even concepts without shunning anyone for having different tastes. The music industry, along with the film industry, is the only creative space that has transcended beyond language barriers and is accepting of all languages, allowing people from any part of the world to showcase their art and their passion. Because of its welcoming nature, the industry has served as a haven for people who cannot find solace elsewhere and has allowed artists to express themselves without the fear of being judged or sidelined. Although a considerable amount of luck is required to put oneself on the map in a crowded industry such as music-making, the sense of competition fosters friendly competition. It pushes artists to keep creating more art and expressing themselves. 

Sometimes an artist’s creative space, where they write lyrics, make music and share it with the world is wherever they can be themselves and make the kind of art they want without the judgment of others. It also becomes a space where they feel safe and are unafraid to say what they think. Not only do artists deserve a space like this, everyone does. 

Carlos Flores craved a space of his own where he could be creative, spontaneous and the most genuine version of himself without having to worry about what others would think of him. At a very young age, Carlos found that the space he was in search of was not a location, but wherever he was able to make his music and put it out for the world to hear and enjoy. 

Carlos understood music to be a form of expression, and a means to let out his pent up feelings and emotions from a young age, and the freedom and catharsis he felt while making music was something he wanted to keep at every stage of his life. It was because of this that he decided that music had to be something permanent in his life. He wanted to pursue it and integrate it into his life. His urge turned into an unquenchable thirst, and his determination and passion for music led him to where he is today. 

Carlos felt that being able to express his emotions through something as raw and bare as rap was cathartic and he quickly realized that he felt a pull to rap more than any other genre of music. Writing rap lyrics came to him as easily as breathing because to him, it was a means of expressing himself and laying out his emotions to the world. Having released a number of music videos and digital tracks, Carlos has amassed an impressive audience that wholeheartedly enjoys his content. Having over 30,000 followers on his Instagram (@itsgenesix) is a testament to the validation his work has received. 

In his ever-growing career, Carlos has released tracks like “Car Radio”, “It’s Not What It Looks Like”, and “Nosebleed” while also producing for other artists when he is not occupied with making his own music. He has traveled around the United States to shoot music videos and has received coverage from multiple magazines.  

Although Carlos’s career sees only positive growth, he still remains to be a humble artist who is constantly grateful to his fans, seen by his regular interactions with them and him believing he has gotten to where he is today purely because of the people who have supported him. He is otherwise a laidback person. His Instagram account is a fun and welcoming profile, where he posts about everything from his daily activities, to music snippets, and even fun edits from popular series like Pokemon and Naruto. 

Carlos’s special media accounts are his Instagram (@itsgensix) and his music can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. 

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