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Cade Michals is a music industry professional who lives in Nashville, Tennessee. He has an immense passion for creative designs and music production. He enjoys and appreciates all forms of art, and loves building business surrounding his interests. He is a multi-talented individual who has experience in multiple careers. Cade was a well known graphic designer, investigative journalist, and now works with many award-winning stars as their manager and assistant. He currently has a job with the Grammy-winning country star Tanya Tucker, as an executive assistant. In the past, before working with the legend, Cade was the Creative Director for the popular and brilliant country star LeAnn Rimes. He began his career’s journey as an investigative journalist, that directed him into broadcast radio, and later into country music as well.

Cade has progressed through various struggles in his journey towards prosperity. For the past twelve years, he has endured his self-diagnosed Obsessive Creative Disorder. This condition is classified by a severe obsession to create anything and demanding it to be time-consuming for the person. Any diagnosed patient takes more than an hour to produce something every single day or else they face distress and significant deterioration if their urge cannot be satisfied. The person will be visibly anxious and troubled for the rest of the day if his creative drive is not catered to. Cade has loved design and to formulate new stuff since he was a mere child. His artistic world is constantly developing, which is sparked by his extensive multidisciplinary background. Cade has often proven over time again and again that he possesses the ability to be both creative and have great management skills. He solves problems and has limitless knowledge of the workings of entertainment, touring, journalism, hospitality, and project management.

Cade has a degree; Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism and belongs to the batch of 2004. Other than his graphic ventures, he began working for multiple people that helped improve his abilities. He was an assistant event manager of many companies such as CID Entertainment, now known as Future Beat and the Leon Bridges ‘Good Thing Tour’. On the tour, Cade was involved in the whole plan of managing advances with venues, food, beverage, personalized tours, staff, on-site labor, ensuring budgeting, and making sure that the whole tour goes smoothly and the guests were treated with the best of services. He also worked in the management team of the Super Bowl Music Festival (Atlanta, GA) and the Bonnaroo Music Festival (VIP Arrivals). In 2017, Cade became the merchandise director and the creative designer for LeAnn Rimes. The job description included designing signage, tour passes, creating a final product line, inventory control, counts, touring, settlements, conduct regular meetings with LeAnn and the management, making a record of the expense reports, credit cards, receipts, and sales. From 2019, he has gained more fame, eventually leading to more work. He is currently occupied with the projects of Ty Herndon and Kalie Shorr, both residing in Nashville too! Other than creating unique and wonderful design work for people and companies, Cade also has invested in magazines and journalism. He is the establishing associate of About Magazine, About Publications and Queer Texas About News. The magazine is a devoted multi-platform focusing on the LGBT community and delivering original authentic news.

Cade is a very approachable person and someone who is eager to teach and communicate effectively when in need. His strong conversational skills and charismatic personality have gifted him multiple crafts in different categories. His artistic nature and administration skills both combine to produce a legendary prodigy who can profitably make products, and also sell them as well. He is like a two in one gift for the clients who hire him. His hunger for creativity drives him daily to do his best work, and always be on the run to find more projects to excel in.

Cade has an Instagram of more than 15 thousand followers. He can be contacted for queries and work through his Instagram with the username itsreallycade and his LinkedIn that can be viewed with the name Cade Michals.

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