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For artists to grow and become well-known in a community, they need a team of supportive and loyal people who are determined to provide aid, of any form, to the artist. The music industry is ever-evolving, and it is especially true in the contemporary digital age. Previously, artists would have to wait for the big labels to sign them and then handle their marketing strategy and promotional activities. But that is no longer the situation now. Of course, many artists still hope that someday a big label would discover them and sign them so they could reach the top. However, to solely rely on that possibility is naive. In today’s world, the music industry is exceedingly competitive and saturated.  With the rise of social media platforms and a plethora of new opportunities, more and more artists and musicians try to get out there and share their art with the world.

Aaron Joseph Ellis, also known by his stage name ButterflyMusik is passionate about music and helping people. He understands that for any artist to make a recognizable name in the industry and to find success, it is essential to have a well-thought-out and present-day marketing strategy plan. Aaron keeps a keen sense of music and understands what sort of music has the potential to be marketed and loved by the audience. This ability of him is exhibited in his marketing plan displayed on his Instagram. He enjoys the music by his friend- 3 Na’ Tee, and he is extremely devoted and dedicated to her work. Aaron persistently and strategically promotes 3 Na’ Tee’s music on social media platforms.


3D Na’Tee (@3dnatee) is a stage name of Samantha Davon James, a young American rapper, songwriter, and video director. She was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Several national media outlets such as- MTV, the source magazine, XXL magazine, Rapradar, RapRehab, etc- have featured 3D Na’ Tee. A local label called Clientell Records signed her in 1999 and recorded her first track. Over the next couple of years, 3D Na’ Tee recorded multiple mixtapes under the Synpa Squad. She also recorded music for Kush2DVD that features other famous artists like- Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and Birdman. Her discography is diverse and exhibits her talent. She has 3 albums that stand out, such as- The Coronation (2012), The Regime (2016), Songs That Didn’t Make the Tape (2017). Additionally, she has three mixtapes from the early stage of her career. Her career has been going exponentially well.

Aaron finds great interest in the work of his friend- 3D Na’ Tee.  He enjoys the fact that her work is rare, and even if it’s completely unfiltered, it is still lyrically amiable.  In a world where most rappers are just manufactured by the same old-school distributors with no passion for rapping and repeating the same old narratives of money, drugs, and sex, 3D Na’ Tee’s music is refreshing and offers a new perspective.  She focuses on her real-life’s experiences: such as her parents’ drug addictions, her father’s suicide, her drug-dealing days. She is changing the way people view female artists. Her work offers such insights, and Aaron appreciates that. He is all about helping people grow and seeing them prosper. He genuinely believes that music is not just about lyrics and material possessions but rather about life’s great experiences that alter one’s life and can inspire millions of others.  He works with 3D Na’ Tee and supports her work. He is a true advocate of hard work and a loyal friend who unconditionally promotes his friend’s art in a well-planned and strategical method. He has helped an aspiring artist in reaching a wider audience.

ButterflyMusik’s social media is devoted to distributing music of an aspiring artist 3D Na’ Tee. His carefully curated plan and an attractive layout make it easier for music fans to reach his page and stream 3D Na’ Tee’s music. His managerial abilities and carrying out promotion on online platforms is remarkable. If anyone wants to check out his Instagram page, here is the following link: butterflymusik.

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