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The vibrant bliss to the sprinkles will cheer you up while honoring a special event with an amazing variety and style of a super delicious cake. However, the hunger for the desert can change the shape of your belly hilariously by pilling up the calories. In this article, we are going to ease your craving for sweetness with the incredible combination of low calories brownies enriched with the proteins. Located in Northampton, United Kingdom, The Build and Bake limited is a renowned bakery focused on baking healthy snakes and treats for a fitness freak.

By adding the amazing blend of flavors with premium sweet potatoes, the company preserves the legacy of a healthy food choice. While keeping track of your diet, the cakes are exclusively composed of calories free ingredients for the non-stop craving. Meanwhile, it is a great opportunity to add as many as mouthwatering treats in your box without worrying about weight gain. With a mind-blowing taste of brownies, it has captivated a huge market share as a sole enterprise for healthy cakes.

Established and managed under the supervision of a UK based health freak Mathew McDade, the very young and creative entrepreneur as well as a baker who developed this masterpiece to celebrate his love for cakes. While struggling to eliminate the desert, the 29-years old business owner was constantly bullied for his fat belly during school age. Being an outstanding baker, McDade soon started experimenting with nutraceutical cakes while blending some ingredients. While mixing nuts and chocolates with the finest quality potatoes McDade initiated with free samples to his community gyms.  Soon he created a buzz with his creative sweet potatoes’ recipe in the market. His love for sweetness took him on a career journey to bake a mesmerizing mixture of sweetness not only for his own, but he is a prominent founder of the UK’s nutrition-rich bakery for a big craving for sweets.

The sole initiator of the company has captured the heart of millions of delighted customers in a short period. Under a monthly subscription, the customers get a chance for a premium box of pastry delivered on their doorsteps. For gym fanatics, The Build and Bake have successfully delivered the variety of unbeatable flavors. With as short as 20 employed bakers, it is the only UK based bakery spreading the enduring love for sweetness. With high-class Christmas gifts and birthday cakes, the bakery has a great solution for every occasion. 


The successful journey does not end here. Within two years of background, The Build and Bake Limited was acknowledged for its unique taste with SME awards for both customer services and innovation. The Build and Bake under the ownership of Mathew McDade astonished everyone by solving a million-dollar quest to manage fitness with sweetness. With macro-friendly brownies, The Build and Bake Limited combines the exceptional homemade essences to let you try new tastes under its monthly subscription. With its elegant recipe, the virtue of talent led McDade to become a renowned owner of a famous bakery in the United Kingdom. Specialized in high protein low calories deserts he has shined every face with joy. 

Under the team of expert bakers on the ground, it has accumulated more than 11.8K followers on its official Instagram account @buildandbakeltd, where it is creating the mesmerizing customer experience for its classic pastries while updating the followers for its innovative flavors. Moreover, it can also be found transforming the health standards on several other major social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Meanwhile, under the umbrella of the official website customers can easily get details of ingredients with a large variety of sweets.

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