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From being an indicator of wealth, social class, and rank, to a clasp for clothes and garments in the shape of brooches and pins, to now being a staple in peoples everyday appearance, jewelry has served different purposes and continues to grow as an important part of our everyday lives. One would be hardpressed to find even one person who would not be wearing at least one piece of jewelry, be it a ring, earring, necklace, or bracelet.

The concept of jewelry, or simply donning oneself with an arrangement made of stone or metal, to elevate your look and appearance is by no means a discovery. Dating back to around 25,000 years ago, the first instances of people using everyday materials as “jewelry” was discovered in Monaco in the form of a necklace made of fish bones. However, it was some 40,000 years ago that the species that came before homo-sapiens were known to wear similar materials to bones and teeth as a form of adornment. A necklace made of Nassarius shells dated back to almost 100,000 years ago, while the oldest known civilization known to produce jewelry are the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations. This is proof of how far jewelry has come over the ages.

As the integration of jewelry into our daily wear has come full circle, especially with mass producers realizing how profitable of a good it is, the spectrum has sadly become black and white, with good quality jewelry becoming far too expensive and the only affordable jewelry being of poor quality with not much wear to it. Next is the cheaply made jewelry that looks expensive, but as we go on, we realize that jewelry enthusiasts have found themselves to be in a dilemma.

With mass production of jewelry and it being sold on all kinds of platforms, ensuring the quality and affordability has become quite the task in this age of smart shopping. The gravity of this issue was felt by sibling pair Anna and Dmitriy Krestyaninov, who realized how inconvenient and vexing the process of finding good quality and attractive jewelry was and decided that something had to be done. With the motto “luxury jewelry without the luxury price”, they started their business called “Brother and Sisters” from France in 2017. Following through with this vision of providing well made, enticing jewelry that didn’t cost an arm and a leg while still carrying flair and sophistication, they have successfully propelled their business from a solution to their frustration to something that helps people all around the world.

With their goal being to give consumers (and jewelry enthusiasts alike) access to suave and contemporary jewelry without charging them a hefty sum, this sibling impair was able to do just that. They pledge that to keep prices low and the quality of their products high, they ”don’t spend a pile of money on advertising and have simple packaging for our accessories”. They also make sure their customers come back by keeping their prices at a lesser profit margin. This ensures that buyers stay interested and decreases the chances of people finding better options to buy, which is a testament to their 35,000+ customers.

Other than their website (, which is as elegant as their jewelry, they also use platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to promote their brand in a manner that is resourceful and does not require spending heaps on promotion. Their website is incredibly user-friendly, where a websurfer is welcomed with changing images of their products being modeled. For an easier browsing experience, their products are divided into male, female and unisex categories with prices and color options listed under sizable visuals of the product itself.

Their Instagram account (@brothersandsistersbs) displays their pieces adorned by bloggers and customers who clearly look like they are very pleased with what they have. This brand loyalty is also displayed through their whopping 85k followers, with them gaining over a thousand followers daily! Including their Facebook of the same name, they have a combined following of over 100,000! Have a look at some of their gorgeous pieces!

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