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With the advancements in the growth of the music industry, the significant reason behind it is the audience who promote the music they prefer. Today, many names have made their careers so strong that their specialty is known to almost every music listener. However, if we talk about the rappers particularly, we know that to become a thriving rapper you need to go through a lot more than it may seem. A rapper is often recognized as someone who plays a short piece of music with lyrics creating a continuous loop over that music. Rappers around the world don’t practice their original names, but they prefer to go by a fancy name they create themselves.

One such rapper who goes better by the name “flyguy_connection” is Brandon Ross. By profession, Brandon is a hip-hop rapper born in Chicago, Illinois. As a young kid, Brandon had two main hobbies that he used to pass time with. One was playing sports, and the other one was playing music. During his high school years, he played basketball with much enthusiasm. Although music was a part of his life alongside, he didn’t quite pursue it until he was in his freshman year in 2019. Since the beginning, he had told his parents that he strives to become a rapper one day, and then in 2009 he actively invested all of his energy into becoming one.

Most of his days were spent practicing music and creating lyrics, and some of his days buying the best available crafts needed for his musical extension. It was not until 2012 that Brandon released a total of 6 studio albums carefully climbing the ladder of success. As he became known to people across the world, his career took a great turn. He was lucky to be able to open concerts for some of the biggest names the music industry has such as MIGOS, Tory Lanez, JUICY J, Lil Durk, FUTURE, etc. Through the years that followed, specifically the years from 2016 to 2018, Brandon was signed up in the Game Tight Media Group, until he went past this label and made his career independently. It took him almost 10 years to establish a name people now recognize and enjoy listening to. 

As an independent artist, Brandon is found on the famous social media platform, Instagram, by the name @flyguy_connection. On this official account of his, he has secured a following of 12.7k, which is needless to say, huge. He is found updating his fans about his upcoming releases and his interests. In a recent post, he posted a screenshot from Spotify which was hinting towards his success. He was super thrilled to find out the statistics that were there indicating the growth of his career showing 24k streams from a total of 74 countries. Brandon works hard each day to produce music his fans would enjoy. He likes performing live in venues throughout the area of Chicago and at the moment, he is looking forward to a major release of his 6th studio album which goes by the title “Boy Yesterday”. 

Brandon, today stands out independently as a rapper. Just like all the other young boys who start their careers early in the music industry, Bandon faced quite a few challenges as well. However, what kept him going was his passion and the dream of becoming a well-accomplished artist someday. Through his utter hard work and dedication involving the ten years of constant struggle, Brandon is a recognizable personality to the listeners today. It was 2012 when he worked with Kannon films to shoot his very first video and it is 2020 today when he has released six amazing albums, each varying from the rest. Brandon truly is an inspiration to those who are willing to pursue a career in the field they are passionate about.

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