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With the increasing saturation of talent in the entertainment industry, it has become progressively harder for people to make their mark as actors. There are often hundreds of aspirants for a single role, and to make oneself prominent, one must work hard to develop not only an impressive portfolio but along with that, a noticeable presence. When the word presence is mentioned, it means an online reach and following. As casting is being finalized, a potential actor’s finalization in a role most often depends upon their IMDb STARmeter ranking.

The IMDb STARmeter, simply put, is a chart of rankings of every actor on IMDb. These are accessible on IMDb Pro. The STARmeter provides insight to industry professionals on the popularity of any given actor. One’s ranking on this meter represents how many people are interested in the actor based on the activity of millions of IMDb users.

Boost My Star has been the go-to digital marketing company for the Hollywood entertainment industry since 2014. Since then they have made a name for themselves in helping their clients boost their ranking on the IMDb STARmeter in an organic way. They have made a reputation for themselves for maintaining professionalism in their work. Once an actor makes it into their roster of clients, full confidentiality is guaranteed, they not only help one to increase their STARmeter ranking but also their social media following.

They employ the use of specific software and techniques that were built and designed to assist their clients in navigating and making use of this platform for maximum benefit. For their current roster of over six hundred actors and films, they have continuously updated and sharpened their software to cater to two major goals.

The first of these goals is “Personal Marketing for Actors/Directors/Producers”. They achieve this by helping the individual reach their desired level of an online audience by boosting their digital media presence. They also employ organic marketing and targeted traffic for their IMDb page. As mentioned before, an individual’s casting heavily depends on the ranking of their IMDb profile.

Their second goal is “Marketing for Features Films and Shows”. This is a separate field and requires different marketing techniques to generate an organic audience. To promote their clients’ feature films and shows, the people at Boost My Star work on creating a hype around the film to attract more people to watch it. Similarly, they utilize their organic marketing skills towards generating targeted traffic for the film’s IMDb page, hence boosting its ranking on the MOVIEmeter. IMDb is the most trusted source for audiences to find new films to watch, so this, in turn, helps to boost the film’s audience even more.

To enhance and engage an even wider audience pre and post-release of a film, email marketing using their proprietary subscriber engagement is also employed. This increases the chances of making sure that news about the release of a film reaches certain individuals and its feedback can be taken. It is not only economical and delivers targetted messages, a more global audience can also be reached through it.

Boost My Star’s main motto is “designed by actors – for actors”. As it is developed by actors themselves, they know what marketing techniques are the most effective in different situations. They are also well aware of the fact that tampering or rigging with the STARmeter rankings on IMDb is neither ethical nor plausible. As reiterated by the people behind IMDb itself, the site has over 250 million unique monthly visitors. The ranking algorithm has been designed so that a limited group of peoples’ activity has no effect on the rankings. Furthermore, the algorithm is periodically improved to detect fraudulent activity and neutralize it.

Hence, they deliver what they promise, i.e an assured increase in popularity and a boost in one’s IMDb ranking. In an industry like Hollywood, Boost The Star seems like a promising companion to navigate the complicated path to success.

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