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Real estate is an imperishable asset, ever-increasing in value. It is the most solid and about the only indestructible security that human ingenuity has devised who certainly desires the highest returns on their investment with the greatest values and least risks. However, a grim reality that associates itself with the real estate businesses is the fraudulent and deceiving dealings of brokers in the process that leaves customers unsatisfied and at times in downright loss upon their modest outlays.

Tiffany Vernon, a resident of Tennessee state of USA, decided to pour her expertise into the real estate industry tackling with its dubious aspect and bringing about her clients the first-rated and uncorrupted gain upon their fortune on stake. Tiffany had ardently attributed her 20 years being a forensic interviewer and investigator in financial crimes and witnessing the obnoxious setbacks of the real estate system which is exploited by the brokerage line thus Tiffany designed her goal to utilize her experience and knowledge to put an end to these cunning tactics by inaugurating her own Real Estate Company.

Her dream soon bloomed into the shape of ‘Bohemian Realty’. A company that offers its services based on integrity and uprightness. Unlike the par for the course, Bohemian Realty refuses to dive in the broker structure and therefore can reach an agreement with their clients in the most flexible and customized manner benefiting both the client and agent. The agents itself contribute a flat, monthly fee to cover the costs associated with employing agents, and do not compensate agents for the recruitment of other hence avoiding any pyramid schemes. The business hand-select agents who they examine thoroughly and determine to be extremely ethical, empathetic and fervent about real estate.

Serving throughout Tennessee, Bohemian Realty takes its fiduciary responsibility towards its clients extremely serious considering them as close family and prioritising their need first. With remarkable negotiation skills regarding buying and selling of property, relocation, consultation and property management Bohemian Realty have assisted hundreds of people in finding their dream house at their ideal location and in reasonable prices filling the overall essential criteria including all the neighbourhood amenities that matter. The business also pays key heed to home sale measures covering all the vital processes in the course of action such as advertising, showing to prospective buyers, negotiating the purchase contract, arranging finance, overseeing inspections, handling all the necessary paperwork and supervising the closing.

Tiffany firmly believes in genuine dealings with her clients, honouring their trust and confidence when it comes to valuable assets, her zest combined with her proficiency in this field allows her to guarantee the quality to her customers with up to date and meticulously gathered information. Eager to serve, Tiffany cherishes her occupation and her customers which she holds in very high regard. 

Successfully managing her real-estate business while being a wife and mother of a 5 years old Tiffany has astonishingly maintained a work-life balance. However, her list of accomplishments doesn’t break itself over here. Being a private investigator specializing in forensic interrogation Tiffany also runs her investigation firm namely; The Guardian Firm, LLC founded on the core value and desire to aid people. The Guardian Firm provides the most professional, discreet and effective private investigation services in Nashville, Tennessee and nationwide. 

Serving both corporate clients and individuals, aggressively scrutinizing every minute detail and shouldering their burden, The Guardian Firm also facilitates with the absolute best firearm and safety training. These training courses are free from war stories, impractical hypothetical situations, legal debates, personal opinions, politics and lack of substance. 

Not restricting her passion and business acumen to profound fields of real estate businesses and private investigation, Tiffany even designed her brand, viz. ‘You Were Here’ break-up shirts, assembling the finest material to create ultimate break-up apparel in the form of shirts and ultra-soft hoodies. To order one or stay updated with the latest design you can follow it on Facebook @YouWereHereBreakupShirt. Also available on

To avail Tiffany’s real estate services you can follow her on Instagram @bohemianrealty and Facebook @BohemianRealty or @TiffanyVernonRealtor or you can visit the official website Moreover, you can even benefit from Tiffany’s private investigation service by hitting the like button on her Facebook page @TheGuardianFirm or by ending up on the company’s official website

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