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In the book, The Soul Watchers: Animals’ Quest to Awaken, Kim Shotola said, “Animals are a window to your soul and a doorway to your spiritual destiny. If you let them into your life and allow them to teach you, you will be better for it.” It is a widespread fact that how one treats animals, especially birds, shows a lot about themselves. As the love for animals is entirely pure because, in it, you don’t expect anything from them; instead, you are just taking care of them. We hear many stories about how certain tender-hearted people dedicate their entire lives to take care of animals and spread this kind of love all around the world. Mohammed Amiri is one of those benevolent individuals.

Mohammed Amiri is born and raised in Bahrain; therefore, every part of his body and soul has his culture and tradition embedded in him. One of Bahraini’s unique hobbies that Amiri holds very close to himself is Bird-care. The Kingdom of Bahrain is globally known as the island of pearls and birds. Thus, loving animals and especially birds are deeply rooted in all Bahrainis’ blood. This is why Mohammed Amiri found himself always cherishing birds more than any other living being. He would spend hours of each day just reading about different species of birds. Little Amiri learned it all from what they do, what they like, or dislike to who they are their predators. While doing so, his love for bird care increased exponentially, and eventually, it got to a point where Amiri realized that he wants the entire country to love them like him. 

Amiri adored all kinds of birds, but he was always more drawn towards parrots. Therefore, instead of being a breeder of different species of birds, he became a parrot breeder: specializing in keeping, breeding, and conserving parrot species. He is an expert on both natural and selective breeding of parrots. One quality of his service that sets him apart from rest is that he educates his clients about the bird first. He makes sure that they know what kind of love and care the bird, they are interested in needs, and if his client is ready to commit to it or not. For Amir, ensuring his birds are going to the right hands is far more important than getting paid.

Indubitably, because of his genuine and pure intention behind starting his career, Amiri’s work skyrocketed. His service is now proudly claimed as the first high-end breeding facility in the entire kingdom of Bahrain. His service has no prejudice against any kind of person in terms of race, color, and status. Amiri has supplied parrots to every class of people in the country, from high-end royalty to hard-working laborers. As long as they have a love for birds in their hearts, he will do whatever it takes to get you one.

To ensure water-like transparency in his work, he has created an Instagram account @ bird_block, where he posts about different kinds of parrots he has with a short description of them as the caption. This way, he makes sure his followers know about more types of parrots than the mainstream one and how they need a place to call their home. There are myriad threats to the ongoing existence of parrots worldwide, thus through his Instagram, Amiri also hopes to spread awareness so that his favorite species could see the light of the day forever.

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of their souls remains unawakened” is a saying he lives by, and it perfectly describes the philosophy behind his entire journey. Mohammed Amiri works assiduously only to spread the love of birds to part of his client’s heart it hasn’t reached yet. It requires immense hard work and passion for dedicating your entire life to saving another living being from ceasing to exist. Mohammed Amiri’s story is an inspiration to all who seek to help those they love and cherish. They want to support this world to become a more tolerant and accepted place for other living organisms than human beings.

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