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In the age of the internet where news spreads like wildfire, and the constant need to know every update about peoples’ lives is has become almost a necessity, journalists, writers, and those working in the media sure have their work cut out for them! When it comes to writing news so it can be made accessible for everyone on the internet, a lot has to go into the process before it is uploaded. This is truly a difficult job because journalists have to make sure the news they are reporting is accurate, up to date, and uploaded timely. They must meet the demands of readers who are subscribed to their newspapers or magazines and there is always a looming pressure to deliver information faster than other sources. 

Today we will be talking about a renowned journalist who has been in the profession for an incredibly long period of time. Bilal Özcan is a big name in Turkish journalism and there aren’t many people who do not know who he is. Not only has he been in the industry for over 4 decades, which is a huge feat in itself, but he has also expanded into other fields over his long career with his media exposure being plentiful. He has been diligent in all his fields but has obviously prioritized journalism over everything else, which has enabled him to be one of the biggest journalists in Turkish entertainment and media. 

Born in Istanbul on the 23rd of July in 1959, Özcan knew early on that he liked to write. He took this up as a serious interest and pursued his higher education in something that would enrich his writing and allow him to grow. From Marmara University (Marmara Üniversitesi) he studied in the faculty that included Journalism, Publicity Departments, Radio Television and Cinema, and Public Relations. His focus was understandably on Journalism, and immediately after his graduation, he began working in the field to gain as much experience as he could from those who had been serving the industry for a longer period of time.

He started his career by first dipping his feet into reporting. In 1977, he worked as a police reporter in the Son Havadis Newspaper. After working with them, he moved on to become a news center manager and a reporter, having prior experience, in Günaydın Newspaper. He worked in this facet of journalism for almost 13 years and saw good results, with one of the newspapers he worked for having over 1 million circulations. 

It was in 1990 however, that he shifted to reporting about the entertainment industry and showbiz, launching his own Turkish Star Newspaper in 1991 and a European Edition in 1992. He directed and presented a TV Program as well, which allowed him to enter the world of television and presenting. Having added another skill to his portfolio, he figured he had no reason to stop. At Istanbul University, he taught Journalism for 5 years, before going back to working in newspapers as chief-editor and manager. He also started his own website and Blogspot, which is a self-titled platform where he shares news on everything that has to do with Turkish showbiz and entertainment. His magazine focuses on celebrity news (local and international), fashion, and breaking news.

After over 40 years in the industry, he has gone on to become one of the most renowned writers, journalists, and producers in Turkish Entertainment. The 12 major awards he has received in the field of journalism are a testament to the dedication and time he has given to the industry. 

Özcan uses social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to interact and keep up with his followers. On Instagram, he has managed to amass an incredible 255,000 followers! He posts daily updates and speaks with many public figures, which proves that he has a trustworthy and friendly image in the industry. We can only commend the passion and dedication he has shown to his work. Make sure to follow Özcan if you’re a fan of Turkish Entertainment! We’re sure he’ll have you updated by the minute. 

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